Friday, December 7, 2012

A Dozen Conclusions for 2012

The real world has gotten in the way of any hobby updates so far this week. If you've ever had the extreme displeasure of working retail at Christmas time (its my 4th year ) you know the month of December can really, really suck. At the same time, its a good time to pick up some extra $$ to waste on hobby projects after the new years. Double edged sword, ya see. So, with extra hours, trying to reorganize my art room (good god I got alot of junk) and a terrible cold (because you absolutely HAVE to have one of those when you are THIS busy) its been a tremendous amount of fun. I have come to a few conclusions over the past couple hectic weeks concerning a great many things, some of which I will share with you, my wonderful readers.

1: Netflix is incredibly cool.

2: "Doctor Who" is not lame.... at all. And there is just something about Billie Piper's smile. Mmmm.

3:As much as people complain about the price of Games Workshop plastic model kits, scale model kits are
on-par or more expensive and you tend not to "play" with them..... so quit yer bitchin. I used to build scale models in the mid 90's, checking out prices today nearly gave me a heart attack.

4:Netlists are overrated.

5:Tyranids are underrated.

6: Old adages are old for a reason, they are usually true. A particular favorite for the hobby (and life) "The right tool, for the right job" And the humble toothpick is the ultimate modeling tool. And a hammer can still fix most way or another.

7: When it comes to left over bitz, never- EVER, throw out ANYTHING. EVER. NEVER. Especially if you have an Ork or Chaos army.

8: Games Workshop new paints are pretty damned good. Very pleased with them as a painter. Not pleased that Chardon Granite is gone though.

9: Regardless of how hard I try, it is impossible for me to build a "serious" Warhammer 40,000 army of my own.  Except maybe the Apostles of Quetza..... but my Raptors Strike force were 'serious' too.... until they were played, then once my terribly comical luck with the dice began, it was all down hill from there... well, that and the Captain's scrapbooking hobby,etc.

10: If you want to learn to do something, try it.If you suck at it, try it again. And again. And again. If you want to get good at it, practice,practice,practice. And when you are done, practice some more.  I never sculpted until about 2 years ago, I'm still learning, but I do enjoy it.

11:(RE:The new White Dwarf,the US Elections,Congress,politics in general,reality television,etc) You can polish a turd, but....its still a turd.

12: I really,really need to draw more, which is why I'm so excited about the prospect of bringing the Templars of DOOooom and a couple other comic projects to life in 2013 and I hope you all enjoy them and tell all of your friends about them.  Then maybe I won't have to work retail for Christmas in 2013. :)

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. 1) Yea, Netflix is great, cheap and I am catching up on stuff I missed like Season 5/6 of Dr Who, Torchwood and other things like Primeevil.

    2) Dr Who is never lame! Bowties are cool, heh watching 5th season the new doc is growing on me.

    3) i just look at it like we are fat, so cut out a few McDonald's runs and we can pay for that model.

    4)Netlists are not to be underrated. The problem is they need a good player that understands them. Otherwise it is like giving a race car to a 16 year old just waiting for the crash.

    5) Nids are tough, I had to face a heavy psychic and gaunt spawning list.

    6) The hammer and duct tape are the best two options ever invented. Super glue was third!

    7) The wife hates the fact I don't throw stuff away. She hates clutter.

    8) I like most of their paints, I just wish they would go back to the old stopper bottles.

    9) I think many of your armies are serious and kick ass visually!

    10) I agree here, I sucked at painting. Still not the best but I get by and it looks good. Oddly, I found teaching people to learn and they are better than I in a short time is a good feeling.

    11) The problem is we can always flush a turd, When it comes to WD we have a floater. Politics, I just hope we have better picks both sides sucked. I felt like I was being asked if I wanted to be kicked in the nuts or the ass.

    12) Looking forward to seeing some artwork!

  2. Man, I wish my wife hated clutter. Her classroom is immaculate, but at home her idea of organizing is piles and woe be to those who touch them.

    While, I don't want to make this page political, I surely agree that out process these days is alot like being asked if you'd like to be kicked in the balls with the steel toed boot or the non steel toed boot, either way the choices suck and its gonna hurt. We've got to find a way to do better.

    WD does have some good stuff in it and I still buy it from time to time for the pretty pictures, but their 'overhaul' didn't change all that much, though I do applaud the attempt at adding more hobby stuff. Who knows, turds DO make good fertilizer.

    Nids were my second love in 40k going back to their inception. I've sold them off twice and I dare say that the seed of the hive mind is still growing.... mostly because I just didn't have the heart to get rid of my two old metal carnifexes- Bob and Black Bob.. who are now bare metal, in a bag and screaming at me from a drawer. Plus... now there are Trygons, my all time favorites from my Epic playing days. I need therapy.