Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still Alive! Blinky is DONE!

Well, she still needs to be painted and her base done, but...otherwise, she's done.

Working retail this time of year has really cut into my hobby time so I apologize for the lack of posts. With comics and the usual hobby stuff 2013 promises to be busy on the blog, assuming the Mayans are wrong ;)

I started work on my version of Epidermius. The idea is the "Snake oil salesman of Nurgle" I've got a running name of Herpaderpus, but Ol' Doc ........ is attractive too. I'll figure that out.  I've got my guy basically together. I that to add a little greenstuff and started a hat (which is still work in progress)  I'm going to give him some mutton chops too.

And the basic beginning of the cart with its creepy zombie guy bearers. The plan is to put the backpack and what I can best describe as a still on the back for making the Doc's pattented elixirs.

So, that's it for now. Hell week is about to begin for me, then things will hopefully skew back towards normal. This gross little diorama should be a pleasant distraction.

Cheer's Ya'll! And happy Holidays!


  1. Wow some great stuff! Been there during the retail season and yea you feel the pain, but well it is the time to rake in the cash.

  2. Yeah, hope it's retail with commission for sales? This time of year used to bag my wife mucho dolares.

    Eye-daemon-machine looks sweet. hope you give it a cool eye of sauron style paint job to make it stand out further.

    Epi counts as is a really good idea. Think he'll need guard rails though lest his lardy self topples off on the first bounce. :)

  3. The wagon will have WAAAaaaaay more details,gubbins and such before its done. Its one part traveling medicine show, one part distillery. He may even end up on the ground, depending on how the wagon evolves.

    As for the retail, regrettably no, its just my part time out of the house gig, which turns into nearly a full time out of the house gig this time of year and its a pittance by the hour, but it pays for groceries. And hobby stuff.