Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sentinals and Dirty Traitors.

The Sentinals are ready for priming. I've got to say, these three were just too much fun and came out really well. First up... Darrell...
 Darrel's got a full sized barrel on his autocannon, to go with his full sized attitude. I'd considered a crossbow/HK missile as a nod to my favorite character on "The Walking Dead" (and it still could happen) but after 2 attempts it looked a bit too busy. But he's sort of the 'leader' of the band.... or at least its dominant personality.

Next up, Cletus. Cletus is a self professed "ninja". If a sentinal could do dive rolls.... he would.

And last, we have Eugene. He really, REALLY doesn't like rats.

Not to be left out. I put together (and did some slight conversions on) some cultists, who will double as Penal Squads or Cultists.

And in the midst of building those guys, I came up with this guy as a  standard type Commisar.
What's next?  There are 2 Leman Russes on deck and a couple of Rat Ogres. What?!?! Rat Ogres? What could I do with rat Ogres.. and spare Sentinal parts..... and green stuff? Giggity!

Cheers Ya'll!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here's a teaser......

Read the whole comic at Da Rednekkz Artwerkz!, ya mangy gitz!

Comic sighting!

"Warzone:Crixus" is on the art desk and should be up in the next 24 hours,
  so look for it at MY ART SITE.

ALSO... if you happen to be there, "like" my page on FACEBOOK for both modeling and art updates, along with other silliness. Should have an update on the Sentinals in the next day or so as well..... they are SO cooooool..... I love the way these guys have turned out. They are almost done. I may just finish them tomorrow.

Cheer ya'll!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nurgle has a poor dental plan.

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Casa d' Rednekk. With all the technical difficulties and real world stuff out of the way I can give you an update on the insanity that has been oozing from my head. But, first... a picture of my new and improved workspace....

Now the wife's painting table is near mine, so she can paint with me or I can use it or my painting protege' Broodnest (who helped me move all the furniture) can come over. AND.. I have more room to work on artwork, especially without the distraction of my hobby desk right there.  40k comic is in the works, just probably won't hit this space until the wee hour of Sunday/Monday. BUT... I am about to - inadvertantly- introduce you to a couple of the characters.

Meet the, as yet unnamed, Sentinals of the Sons of DOOooom....

All three are still work in progress, though the major sculpting is done. They will all have the 'crown' of spikey Chaos goodness (like the 2nd guy)and the first one will have a HK missile slung over his shoulder in some way that I'm still trying to figure out as a nod to my favorite crossbow wielding character from "The Walking Dead". They have a bit of rednekk-Mater-ness about them. Not much of a dental plan in the Sons of DOOoom I'm guessing. I'll be adding some sand/glue mix around some of the sculpting to help the corruption 'blend' in. Each guy has a specific pose in mind.... which I'm keeping as a bit of a suprise for next time. :)

ALSO..... more news on the allied front.  Da Reddnekkz will be happy to know that they will be foraging and flying on the battlefield in the future. Their primary mission will be collecting scrap, but they might accidentally provide some air cover for the Chaos boyz in the process. Here's the work in Progress on the Trukk for Boss Lugnutz Mob.

That's it for now. Comic and such should be up late Sunday night (early Monday am EST). Keep a weather eye.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lessons learned,a comic and shameless self promotion..

There's an old quote about "The best laid plans seldom survive contact with the enemy." This week the enemy was my own better judgement. I got my Grumman F3F in the mail (having acquired the GW Ork bomba kit earlier in the week) and immediately realized that it would be too small for my intended purpose.  I had bought a Polikarpov I-16 a few years ago for the same purpose and didn't learn the lesson then either.
The only good excuse I have is that I've had 7 concussions and sometimes things slip by. 

To make the best out of a less-than-perfect situation, I'm going to make some sort of Orky thing out of them and call them Deffcoptas.  I'm still hellbent (even moreso now) to build a jet biplane attack plane, its just going to require a bit more careful pick of kit on my part.... and another purchase, likely a bigger one, since I'll need to go to 1/32 scale at the least.  In the meantime, I still have a Dakkajet to build.

I've got some other hobby related progress, but not much to share picture wise, so keep an eye open for a post around Sunday night. I'm building two traitor guard Sentinals, and getting a small scrap looting allied Rednekk Orky force together so I'll be able to use the Dakka Jet with the Templars of DOOooom or the other traitors.  A few other odd things in the works.  I also acquired the Dark Angels Codex so I'm trying to stick to my vow of working on "One army at a time"(including their allies) and not dust off the Apostles of Quetza.  But..... who knows.

AT ANY RATE.... I got the first of my comics up HERE . Its not 40k related, but its fun.  I should have WARZONE: CRIXUS up here this coming week. the plan is to alternate with a comic each week, between the two. ALSO.... if you are on FACEBOOK, feel free to stop by and 'like' MY PAGE which will have a mix of hobby,art and general foolishness on it. I just started it so please excuse its present state, its still 'work in progress'

That's all for now, should have some hobby pics and maybe some artwork up around Sunday, so keep a weather eye.

Cheers ya'll!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little Rednekkz 101

My wife is an elementary school teacher. She likes to take advantage of my creativity (usually at short notice) for various classroom projects and the like. Last night, while working on another one of her last minute things, I told her I was trying to get some stuff ready for the blog and she said. "You always post what you paint, but do ever post how you paint?" I suddenly realized the answer is mostly "No".  And I'm horrible at describing it after the fact. So here is an attempt at showing how I approach a model....

Its a personal preference and can be done many ways. I use Krylon indoor/outdoor Primer- Grey/White/Ruddy Brown- most of the time.  On some vehicles, I might break out the airbrush, in which case the first kind of paint to hit the plastic or resin will be model formulated enamels. This is pretty Model/Mini 101 stuff, but if you want the(acrylic) paint to stay on in the long run start with a good primer. Some people like Black, I prefer grey.... its just a personal preference.

  The next step for me is an acrylic undercoat. I have a few standard premixed formulas I use. The one for most of my Chaos stuff is my "Black-Brown" which is basically 1/2 Scorched Brown,1/4 Black and 1/4 matte medium and water. Its a thin paint, almost a really heavy wash that can get into all of the crevasses the primer may have missed and also will help create dark,shadowy areas for later. I have another one which is basically a Chaos Black wash as well.  On a side note, I REEEEEEaaaaaallly, should have thought twice about securing Blinky to her base before I painted her. Just undercoating her belly was a challenge, painting parts of her is going to be a real bitch.

That's the basics on how I prep almost all of the models I paint. the colors may vary, but the technique is the same.  NOW... on to the basics of the rusty Templars of DOOooom scheme.

After the Black Brown undercoat, I attack the whole model with a beat up brush and a piece of foam. No really.... just look!
A mix of stippling and drybrushing in a rather messy manner with Skrag Brown is the basic step one.  Now, we'll focus in on the right side of the turret for the rest of the madness.
Then I stipple some Ratskin Flesh here and there, especially on the corners. The turret has alot of texture(sand) modelled into it which will likely be picking up other grossness later on, besides just rust.

Now for some Jokaero Orange highlights. I tried to get some of the stipple pattern on the pallete in the picture to give you an idea, but this is really just to pick out the corners.

Then I go back in with the Black-Brown and muck up the pretty oranges.
Finally, after all that work. I paint over most of it with a heavy drybrushing of  Castellan Green to start the multi-step green process, because I like to do things more than once.   There will be washes, drybrushes, a little of this, some of that, some more repainting,etc.etc. before old Not-So-Smilin' Bob is done, that is to be sure.  BUT... the above rust technique is pretty easy and if you add in some stippled in metal showing through its pretty sharp.  Since these Templars are Nurgly, there won't be much bare metal showing that ain't rusted. But in a nutshell, those basic techniques are a large part of my arsenal. I do a lot of stippling and over laying of colors. Which probably explains why I do not have a completely painted army of my own, because I paint slow. In fact, thanks to you folks and this here blog, I've gotten more painted in the last year (and played more games) than I did in the previous year. I intend on tripling that (or more) in 2013.

Comics are inbound next week around Wednesday. Stay tuned here and at my ARTWERKZ for all the madness.

Hobbywise, I'm going to try to concentrate on ONE army. The problem is I see my Chaos army (Marines,Deamons,Traitor IG,Cultists) as all one army.  I was also going to get a certain something to convert a flyer for the Templars of DOOooom, but the LGS didn't have it. Since I have coupons, I don't want to order it which led me to another decision which involves getting a flyer. Allies.  My wife "owed" me a Christmas present (its the 'get yourself something for your hobby" present) so for half of that present I ordered a model of this.....
"But why?" You ask.
Picture it with a couple jet engines, some rockets and a a couple orks on board.  The other half of my present will the the Ork fighta bomba kit..  I should have 2 Flyers. *giggle*

Cheeers ya'll!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Inquisition.... what a show!

I'm sure most of you have seen this, but this is the kind of high end fan based stuff I could only dream of doing someday. Great stuff.

Some priming has been done and I should have some "under construction" pictures up for you around Monday or so.

On the comic front, I've decided to name my 40k comic "Warzone Crixus", which will be featured here at the Mekshop on a monthly basis or sometimes more than monthly when time permits.

Hobby stuff coming your way, Sunday/Monday. Until then... Cheers, y'all!