Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nurgle has a poor dental plan.

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Casa d' Rednekk. With all the technical difficulties and real world stuff out of the way I can give you an update on the insanity that has been oozing from my head. But, first... a picture of my new and improved workspace....

Now the wife's painting table is near mine, so she can paint with me or I can use it or my painting protege' Broodnest (who helped me move all the furniture) can come over. AND.. I have more room to work on artwork, especially without the distraction of my hobby desk right there.  40k comic is in the works, just probably won't hit this space until the wee hour of Sunday/Monday. BUT... I am about to - inadvertantly- introduce you to a couple of the characters.

Meet the, as yet unnamed, Sentinals of the Sons of DOOooom....

All three are still work in progress, though the major sculpting is done. They will all have the 'crown' of spikey Chaos goodness (like the 2nd guy)and the first one will have a HK missile slung over his shoulder in some way that I'm still trying to figure out as a nod to my favorite crossbow wielding character from "The Walking Dead". They have a bit of rednekk-Mater-ness about them. Not much of a dental plan in the Sons of DOOoom I'm guessing. I'll be adding some sand/glue mix around some of the sculpting to help the corruption 'blend' in. Each guy has a specific pose in mind.... which I'm keeping as a bit of a suprise for next time. :)

ALSO..... more news on the allied front.  Da Reddnekkz will be happy to know that they will be foraging and flying on the battlefield in the future. Their primary mission will be collecting scrap, but they might accidentally provide some air cover for the Chaos boyz in the process. Here's the work in Progress on the Trukk for Boss Lugnutz Mob.

That's it for now. Comic and such should be up late Sunday night (early Monday am EST). Keep a weather eye.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Wow, great stuff there! Again, your sculpting is getting better and better each day!

  2. Thank you, sir! Practice,practice! :)