Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sentinals and Dirty Traitors.

The Sentinals are ready for priming. I've got to say, these three were just too much fun and came out really well. First up... Darrell...
 Darrel's got a full sized barrel on his autocannon, to go with his full sized attitude. I'd considered a crossbow/HK missile as a nod to my favorite character on "The Walking Dead" (and it still could happen) but after 2 attempts it looked a bit too busy. But he's sort of the 'leader' of the band.... or at least its dominant personality.

Next up, Cletus. Cletus is a self professed "ninja". If a sentinal could do dive rolls.... he would.

And last, we have Eugene. He really, REALLY doesn't like rats.

Not to be left out. I put together (and did some slight conversions on) some cultists, who will double as Penal Squads or Cultists.

And in the midst of building those guys, I came up with this guy as a  standard type Commisar.
What's next?  There are 2 Leman Russes on deck and a couple of Rat Ogres. What?!?! Rat Ogres? What could I do with rat Ogres.. and spare Sentinal parts..... and green stuff? Giggity!

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Great work as usual, sucks you missed this guy I met at Darkside in Sarasota, he had a drop dead Nurgle army that was customed to the max, he converted the flyers to beast/dragon creatures with some with those double ringed rotars. I have it on my Army of the Week page with some shots in an old post about a tournament at Darkside.

  2. Cletus and Eugene are awesome, I love them. I can't wait to see them painted.