Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cultists and Rat Wash.

This week has been all about the mundane. Priming,washing,etc.etc. The good news is that all the Leman Russes and their components are ready for actual painting now. I've begun the rusting process on the Sentinals and started painting the Penal troops/Cultists. Since I'd been working on vehicles (and wanted to try out a newly aquired product) I decided to finish up the Cultists before moving on to the tanks. Here's the first 6 that are done (close up of 4 on the bottom)....

The 'new' product (at least new for me) is The Army Painter Warpaints: Quickshade wash. This stuff. Oh.... its fabulous. Here's one of the 100 future Plague Rat-Cultists-Zombies washed over the primer.

Some of the robes on the Cultists above are literally a drybrush of bleached bone over the primer and then a wash of this stuff.  And you can get it in a can! You could dip minis, if you were into that sort of thing, personally I like to control pooling with a brush, but its HIGHLY recommended. It will be a permanent part of my arsenal from now on.

New comics should be up on Sunday, maybe sooner. ;)

Cheer's Ya'll!


  1. I hated it when GW dropped their inks going to wasahes. Glad to see the Army Painter has an ink series that I would enjoy using....I usually mix mine with water and some Future Floor Wax to help drop into the darker spots and not make the shade so dark but still pulls down the color slightly. Plus as an odd bonus the Future Floor not only helps the ink drop but it seals the paint making it tougher against chipping and still accepts paint without issues.

  2. This stuff is similar to the newer GW washes, but it has more pigment. Its deceiving at first, because it looks thick and glossy, but it drys beautifully and flat. I also added Testors Model Master Flat Acrylic to it and tried that out, which was interesting, but just acted as an expander. The stuff is outstanding straight out of the bottle or with a little water AND it mixes well with GW shades if you want to tweek the color. Good stuff overall, especially if it fits into your paintscheme and you have a hoard to paint. Its going to be a cornerstone for my Chaos and Ork armies.... and my Tyranids, if/when I ever start them again. Their paints are very good too.