Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Hey, you've got a little something on your turret there."

Lots of projects going on at once. Let's start with the Leman Russes.  All the magnetizing is done, some of the weapons are primed and all the gribbly sculpting is done, all that remains is baggage, battle damage, trophies and any other piddly detailing. They should be ready for priming by this time next week!
Here's the turrets, with varying degrees of corruption, the guy on the right might stand in for Prask.

I finished the sculpting on the priest's cowl, now to add a few more 40k-ish details and finish up the base to make him suitable for the field.

The other big activity this last week has been priming and base coating. the sentinals are primed and based dark brown. And the hoard of one armed rats and cultists got a base coat of British Military Brown (shown here before the first round- just to show the mass)  right now is ideal priming weather in Florida. Once "summer" begins, in March or April. the humidity makes this kind of mass priming often problematic.
 And lastly... another conversion side project that is in its infancy. Who is he!?! Didn't I see him sleeping in a hammock in the last "Warzone:Crixus"?!? WHAT the HECK is he doing HERE!?!
I love the 6th edition ally rules. :) "Warzone:Crixus #3" is on deck for later this week, get ready to meet the guys aboard the mysterious fly.

Cheers ya'll!!

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