Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tanks, tanks and more t'anks!

Hot off the workbench!!! Mostly because its too much of a mess to clear off to take better photos.... here's some pictures from the Leman Russ assembly line.

What happens when you throw a gribbly in the engine compartment of a Leman Russ, you ask? Well, on Crixus... it looks something like this...
Them gribblies always get out and start corrupting other parts of the machine. They never stay where you put them. The other two are still in progress....

One of the few reasonable excuses I have for posting late this week is that I got a game in on Wednesday (promptly followed by a medical issue on Thursday- which I won't bore you with the details of) The brooding, evil Verminlord Rhett Bastid and his swarms of ratmen fought the Tyranids in what was to become a great bloodbath. Mostly ratman blood, but a blood bath just the same.  I took all of 1 photo of the set up and I'm considering a comic/narrative battle report of sorts since it was an 'experimental' game for both me and my painting protege' Broodnest. He was trying out his tournament list and I was trying not to die by turn 3. But... seriously, I did learn quite a bit about plague zombies,Nurgle psychic powers, the Leman Russ and yet again.... just how bad ass a Penal Squad can be. More to come on that.

One lesson learned from the last two games is that the Imperial Guard may end up being the primary detachment in my allied battles more often than I thought. This has sparked a revisiting to the guard models I have. In the effort to keep my new purchases to a minimum and build/paint the mountain of models I have (and thus keep the wife happy- which is ALWAYS important), I've decided to throw pretty much everything into the Traitor guard army. which means the 3 'loyal' guard vehicles I have painted and collecting dust without an army have been captured and their defilement for the Ruinous Powers has begun....
Painting over loyalist markings(sloppily), defiling imperial eagles. They won't have the gribblies in the engines and all, but their corruption will be beginning. It should be fun and present some challenges. My eventual plan is for some fully corrupted vehicles too. SO, the idea is to have vehicles showing corruption of various levels.

Also decided my Chaos Guardsmen needed some preachers, especially since I keep fighting Tyranids all the time. So, I started this guy. I'm still working on a cowl/hood for him, but I liked the crypt ghoul head better than the one that came with the kit.
The plan for this coming week is to get some priming done on the Sentinals, cultists and possible some of the ratmen. Finishing the tanks will be the piddly work, since most of the major construction is done. Some magnetizing of weapons remains, then its detailing and 'cha-osifying'.

Most importantly, I have to finish up "Warzone:Crixus" #2, which is on my drawing table, but got held up thanks to the last couple days silliness.  Now comes the part where I see what kind of audience I have..... I aim t' misbehave... just a bit.

AND lastly, but certainly not leastly... this week my humble little hobby blog broke 15 THOUSAND page views. Honestly, I'm still in shock. I started this whole thing as creative therapy and I'm SO beyond happy that all of you have enjoyed it enough to hang out and partake in my madness. Each time I check in and see that ticker has gone up, it gives me incentive to do more and to push myself. I expect to keep doing this for quite sometime.... and who knows, I might even be able to do it on a reliable schedule someday (that'd be a friggin shock, huh) Thank you all so very much for checking in and all of your commentary. I'll do my best to keep things interesting both here and at Da Artwerkz.

For what its worth, if you are on Facebook, I've got a page there too.Check it out if you get the chance.
Cheers ya'll!

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