Monday, February 4, 2013

Well.....Rats. Lots of Rats.

Its not like I've been slacking off, watching football and eating tacos... well maybe Sunday. Here's the state of my hobby desk...

On top of some cleaning and reorganizing, the desk has the following, in various stages of production:

3 Leman Russ Tanks: All of which will have magnetized main armament, but fixed sponson weapons... and nice nurgly engine compartments, because someone saw fit to throw a gribbly inside. For my Traitor Guard, of course.

30-odd Cultists: These guys were pictures earlier, but their bases have been tweaked and they are ready for priming now. That is, if I can kill all the friggin' fleas in my garage.

112+ Ratmen: NO... I'm not getting into Warhammer Fantasy, they are on round bases. (Anyone know a good use for square bases, by the way?  I have a billion of them) These are going to be my cheap and cheesy solution to the Plague Zombie issue.  I acquired most of them a while back when the new edition of fantasy hit (when I was considering a Skaven army) But they will be the wayward, diseased zombie-like cultist followers of my new Typhus stand-in, the enigmatic Rhett Bastid.

4 Rat Ogres: These gents are soon to be Bastid's Obliterators.Yeah.... I said Obliterators. Oh, the conversion possibilities...

AND SOMEWHERE in that mess there is a THROGG the troll king model which will end up being a new deamon prince, because the Doombull needs a friend.

So that's what I'm up to, that and working on the next "WARZONE: CRIXUS" comic, where we meet the Tau and the occupants of the fly ship, which should be done later this week.  I'll post some detail pics of the tanks when there is a bit more done. That's it for now, gang.

Cheer's Ya'll!


  1. Could also make the Rat Ogres Nurgle Ogryn that was in one of the IA...

    Rats work as zombies....why not?

    As for bases I saw someone make a Blood Bowl Field, I think they used the larger Lizardman ones if I recall right.

  2. I came across this post, I think it could provide a use for your extra plastic bases: