Thursday, March 28, 2013

From the Workbench! #1

Where the HECK have I been?!?! Yeah, I know. Unusual for me. I took a bit of a holiday. A couple days in hospital and a couple days in Sarasota, unannounced and unexpected. But, the Ol' Rednekk is back!  And here's what's on my workbench....
The Leman Russes are reprimed in their military brown... a color my ol' pappy would lovingly call "Hen Sh*t Brown" The Front panels of the tanks, including the captured one have been given a nice base of Model Master Acrylic Rust.  I had thought of a nice half Chaos Star ala the Vraks boys, but I'm leaning more towards half of a Nurgly Fly. Any votes?  You can see the 20 cultists/penal troops in varied stages of completion (anybody with a black base is done)
***I should probably mention.... I wasted 6 hours.Yes, 6. Trying to get the lozenge camoflage right Not as easy as it might look. To work, you have to be very rigid and stick to the color distribution. Something that is EXTREMELY hard to do when drawing in pencil on a Leman Russ. Can it be done? Yes.  But, you do it before you put on any stowage and as frightening as the idea of decal sheets of printed camoflage material sound, I think I'd rather give that a try than painting it... thus I started over. BUT... I managed not to lose my sh*t and throw any of the tanks against the wall, even after trying to paint them. Lesson learned... even at my age.**
"Now Kiss!"  These two have fixed sponsons. All Main guns on the new tanks are magnetized and interchangable. :)
This one kind of gives you an idea of what the finished paint scheme will look like though I keep playing with the idea of "tweaking" it a bit for these three. The logic being its from another region of Crixus, more barren and dry (like all my bases are) ...which is why the Iraqi Sand splotches are kind of sparse (see the pattern photo below) I'm thinking of adding in splotches of a color like Rotting Flesh. Then, either use Chardonite Granite, a dark brown or grey for the contrast/shadow color.

The plan for the front panel, is to "rust it up" a bit and put the Icon on there which will be in a muted sickly tanned green. Since the Sons of DOOooom do use the rusted Iron Fly icon I am really leaning towards that. Its a bit more original that the Vraks Chaos star and these guys are pretty much devoted to one God.... the stinky one.  For those that may not have looked into the archives, here's a pic of how this camo pattern comes together, though I may be adding a step this time around and tweeking the colors.
On the left is STAGE 1:British Military Brown with Iraqi Sand- then STAGE 2: Chardonite Granite
Time consuming? Yes. But simpler than it looks once you get the pattern in your head. But as you can see, the light colors are blocked in a lot heavier than on the Leman Russes above. Meaning I will either block in More Iraqi Sand or add the Rotting Flesh tomorrow.


They have all received their three tone rust overall schemes and the detailing will likely begin once the Russes and cultists are done since I made a vow to finish them over on the Boot Camp site and I hate being whipped by Commisars.

That's it from the Workbench of now! Still have to finish some artwork for ya'll, but there's likely to be more progress on the tanks before then. Not to mention, if you are as big of a geek as I am, this weekend's TV viewing will be AWESOME... and I ain't talking about no freekin' basketball. The Ol' Rednekk will be looking for Time Lords,Zombies,Dragons and my favorite short person named Tyrion. :)

Cheers Yall!

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