Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From the Workbench #2

Procrastination. Procrastin-a-a-tion. Its making you wait. Its keeping you wa-ai-ting.

Yup. Typical. 20 days left on my 4 month "challenge" and I still find myself with 14 of 20 cultists to finish painting and two tanks to finish.  At least they are assembled and its down to a matter of details. Fully achievable, but.... ideally I should be finishing up the tanks right now. I'm betting I'll be posting my "Finally, I'm finished!" photos somewhere between April 28-30... though I'm setting a personal deadline for April 26 (the challenge deadline is "by May 1").... Anyways.... on to the pictures.....

I went with a Reaper Pale Olive. I'm kind of thinking a grey of similar tone would have also been a good choice, but this color reminds me of sage and the faded color of palmettos, so I thought it kind of works with the desert/dry scrub look.

The contrast color, instead of Chardon Granite this time, is Army Painter Oak Brown, which I think will look sharp once its all weathered down. It looks a bit garish when first applied.

Now comes the fun part of the Oak Brown freehand on the rest of the lot. I also now have a pallet for some uniform camoflage on some of the cultists- that should be about as fun to paint as a colonoscopy.

Eagerly awaiting my Tau Codex  YEAH.... you heard me right! What of it!  I need allies..... yeah, that's it.  Is it still considered bandwagon jumping if you've had a few boxes of minis collecting dust for literally years? I've got some paint scheme ideas in mind (one of which makes the insanity level of the one above look like child's play) but I must say I'm intrigued by the N'Dras paint scheme in the last White Dwarf.  I've always wanted to do an army in blues and greens. At the same time, the Tau scream for camoflage.... so I'm waiting on the new book.

I also have to apologize for the lack of comics (and posts) Part of it has been due to an unfortunate medical issue, the other a temporary dismantling of my art area. But I'm off to IKEA tomorrow to look for some handy dandy new lighting, so hopefully I can finish up some comics in between painting tanks and cultists. Keep a weather eye. The Ol' Rednekk is BACK!!

Cheers Ya'll!

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