Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From the Workbench # 3

The camoflaging continues! One tank hull is completely done, the other will be finished up tonight, both turrets are done along with a full compliment of main guns. I'm concentrating on the ones I need to finish for the painting vow I took, with the third being a bonus I can finish after April 30 if need be. Here's the basic colors on the turrets and main guns.....
Demolisher,Executioner,Punisher and Exterminator(Old School Gatling style) The dark brown on the back of the turrets is a base for all the rust and general corruption to follow, which I plan to do after the basic weathering of the whole tank.. since much of it is, well..... alive. Icky.

Here's what the whole package looks like together at this stage.

Next up, detail and weathering. But that's it for now....

Cheers Ya'll!

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