Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Long Time Comin' ! Tank Update.

GOOD GOD! Its been nearly a month since my last post! YIKES!  Lots going on in these parts, but I have managed to get some stuff done on the tanks.  First, we have some basic undercolors blocked in.

Basic black and brown-black over metal areas and gribbly areas.

Blocked in base colors on the Demolisher. Now the layers and layers and layers of fun begin.....

Phase One of the Weathering/Detailing on the right compared to the blocked in colors on the left. Drybrushing of mud colors, rusty colors on the hull. Also a light wash in brown to bring out details. More drybrushing and washing to come, but you can start to see how it "tames" the brilliant camoflage down to something more realistic. Here's some more shots of some of the details. Still lots to do.
You can see how it dulls down the rust red bow panel too. There is still more dust,mud,paint chipping and battle damage(in some places) to be done, not to mention the rusty Chaos corruption. There will be fun with weathering powders, chalk pastels,washes and paint galore....b-but,wait.....w-who...what?..w-where'd this guy come from!....
Cheers Ya'll!