Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From the Workbench: Mundanity.

Is that even a word? Well, anyone who does what we do for a hobby knows about those times where you are proud of yourself for assembling all those cool new miniatures you just got. They are primed, then you look at a hundred little plastic bodies and go. "Well.....sh*t, now I have to paint them all." It starts with the base colors and you spend the next 6 hours painting the same (usually unexciting) color over and over and over and over and over again. You find yourself making up goofy lyrics to your favorite songs, seeing double, getting cramps in uncomfortable places. Sometimes all you need is 5 or 6 vehicles to get the same "issue" 

Yup, that's the week I've had. I wasn't going to post anything, because frankly, its kinda boring... but then over a rare dinner out this evening my wife said "Why don't you post about that? Its obviously something people can relate to." SO, how do you beat the mundane blues?  For me, its throwing a bunch of different things on the desk. If I have to paint the same color all friggin' night, at least I try to paint it on many different things.

I dusted off Blinky (and broke her off her base) to get her fleshy areas base colored as well as the sentinal trio.  I did all the fleshy parts on the remaining 16 or so penal troop/cultists.  The other little 'trick' I do to keep my sanity during these sessions is to have a "side project" to break up the single color painting.  So after basecoating tentacles and gribblies, when I stop to change brushes or clean brushes (which I do every couple hours or so) ... I come back and do something a little different for a little while. In this case, it was the final camoflage brown on Leman Russ#3.  I'd do one side, then go back to painting greys for a while, then come back to the camo.

So, last night's marathon got the fleshy basics done on all 3 Leman Russ', Blinky, the 3 Sentinals, 16 cultists and Not-so-Smilin'Bob the Defiler.  The completed camoflage on Leman Russ #3 and all the main gun mounts. Not to mention, a little more detailing and piddly weathering on these two....

What do you do to break up hobby monotony? Drop me some comments

Much more to do, of course. I still have over a hundred ratmen staring at me from under my desk waiting to become immortal rat zombies... at least that's what the brochure promised, because it'll really be more like stinky, undead meat shields in practice.... but they work for old cheese and stale corn, so we'll leave that little detail out.

Cheers Ya'll!

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