Monday, June 3, 2013

Gribblies in the engine again? The tank work continues....

Weathering and detailing is in full swing. Both tanks were at the same stage, so now the drybrushing, washing and some weathering powders.
The hull on the right has some Earth Brown weathering powder. I use isopropal alcohol and run along the edges, which helps them 'pop' a bit. The alcohol turns the powders into  kind of a watercolor paint almost, it also helps fix it so it doesn't rub off. You always need to fix these powders with a dull coat for models you intend on playing with/handling alot. Otherwise you'll lose a LOT of your hard work and get fingerprints.
A close up, the 'powdered' one is on the left this time. Still more weathering to come. I've laid in the basic colors on some of the stowage and the fleshy,gribbly corrupted parts.
On the left is the base color P3 Cryx Bane Highlight. On the right, the base is drybrushed with GW Rakarth Flesh. Then a bit of GW Rotting Flesh to highlight things.
The first set of washes (still fresh as you can see)  I start with GW Leviathan Purple wash. The right half is just the purple. The left has a wash of GW Athonian Camoshade, which the whole thing will get. The tentacle on the left kind of shows the end effect better. Still more washes to go to make things look nasty. But.... that's where its at at present. I'm determined to get this project DONE this month, partly because I just want it off my damned desk, but MOSTLY because I really,really want to build an Ork biplane strike fighter.

ADDENDUM: Here's a shot of the whole thing after drying overnight. More washes + more touch up ahead.

Off to pick up the Eldar Codex tomorrow (I hope)...for the wife. Yeah, because she has an eldar army she doesn't use. OH...who am I kidding, I've always wanted to do a small Eldar army. Damn you Games Workshop and your allies rules, for making it so easy to rationalize buying more minis! *shakes fist*

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll have more to post mid week.
Cheers, ya'll!


  1. For an instance I mis-read your blog post title and thought you meant tribbles instead of gribblies. =) Nice job!

  2. Tribbles in the engine is usually a Klingon problem. :)