Monday, June 24, 2013

Slowly... but surely.

The seemingly never-ending process of  making a large dent in actually finishing my Chaos army continues. Its sort of like wading through thigh deep heavy organic mud, but not quite as sweaty or stinky- though seemingly as futile. I try not to look at the piles of miniatures yet to be painted so I can resist the urge to lay down and die.  OK.... maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I really AM getting the urge to change things up. The biggest reason I haven't is all the gribblies and their skin. Since I have a formula down, I want to do them all at the same time to keep things consistant least the color pallet that is. Here are shots of the progress on the tanks....
The turrets (the completed on the left). The other two have been drybrushed and washed and drybrushed again, now all that remains is the last bit of detailing and the final washes. The engine gribblies are at the same stage, though with more tentacle/worm thingies, they have plenty of striping as well....

Since I was at all this, I spent some time on Ms. Blinky as well...
Basic skin colors in on her. She'll get a bit different detailing- which I'm still noodling out- prior to the first washes to show some muscle texture and such. Also plan to take the overhead shot into Photoshop and play around with the final eye pattern.  As a distraction, usually while waiting for washes to dry, I worked on a trio of cultists/penal troopers who are about 90% done. Meatshields.... say hello to everyone.

The plodding along continues. I'll be focusing on finishing up the tank gribblies and the hulls the rest of this week. Hopefully, I should have a post up around the weekend with some progress. Slowly, but surely.

Cheer's Yall!

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  1. Painting may be slow, but the effect you are getting is amazing!