Monday, August 26, 2013

The Dogs of Khorne 2.0

A half dozen gore strewn behemoths picked their way through the corpses of what had been the 116th Crius Royal Household Fussiliers.. or at least its mobile kitchens and supply train. As one gorged himself on a gallon of ice cream, another took the heads of the coffee cart staff. Khorne doesn't care where the skulls come from.

Pusticlese stepped over the disembowled corpse of a dishwasher. "Nice job. Did they put up a good fight?" he suppressed a smirk, though on his half rotten face it was hard to tell. Buboe, who lumbered behind him made no attempt to hide his chuckle and accented it by a clanking barrage of flatulence inside his rusting armor.

A beastial face glowered back at them, its goatee covered in cookies and cream. "Piss off. We lost two of our brothers."

"You lost two guys in TERMINATOR ARMOR to cooks?!?" gaffawed Buboe in his baritone.

"They had knives! And flammable liquids!" The beast terminator pointed to the smoldering hulk that used to be his battle brother. He took a step toward a tub of rocky road, then remembered it had peanuts in it. "Besides, Khorne doesn't care where his Dogs get their skulls."

"So, you guys are the Dogs of Khorne?" Pusticles asked, cradling his combi-bolter. "You know you kind of have that goat thing going on. That beasty goat thing. Not so much of a dog thing."

"I AM CHAD! Champion of the BLOOD GOD!!" The terminator puffed up to his full height as his  remaining compatriots gathered closer, hefting their weapons and newly collected heads. "WE are the DOGS of KHORNE! We hunt for skulls for HIS throne.!"  Vanilla ice cream frothed in this goat like mouth, though he coughed a bit on the chips of cookie in his throat as he led his team in a growl.

The two plague marines stood silent. Buboe, towering over Pusticles by a head or two, snorted a bit as he bumped his champion's shoulder plate with his elbow. "They're Khorne Dogs."

The two burst out laughing and walked back down the hill. Chad, champion of Khorne let out a physical sigh, as his companions hurled a few heads and many insults at the two plague marines.  He kicked around in the freezer cart. There had to be some plain chocolate in there somewhere. Just some plain friggin chocolate. 

SO... I  spent the last week rehabbing 10 Terminators.  They have been through a lot. As you can see by this "before" picture.....

 I went through the unit with my nit-picker glasses on, scraping seams and re-doing details. All the old shoulder plates were taken off. Heads were removed. I also made sure everyone had the 'bunny ears of Khorne" on their termy armor. I hate,hate HATE the trophy racks on Chaos terminators, so I had to get the armors all straightened away and chaosified.  In the long run, they will get shoulder plates like these....

Here's what the "finished" product looks like. I'll get them re-primed and start painting, I'm not going to wait for the shoulder plates, because I may not make THAT order until November or so, since there are a few more things I want from the boys in Warsaw.

 AND NOW, for some detail shots.....

And what did I do with the backs?

 Opening up a sketch book and using it for an impromtu photo area seems to have worked a LOT better than I thought it would. I'm still a bit apprehensive about the background color, but I'm going to shoot some of my painted minis against it later this week and see how they come out. But I did a close-up on the guy I've chosen as Chad.

 I just set him on a paint tub. I'll come up with something better and I may have a much better photo set up, which is not only good, but painfully simple and easily storable.  I'll post my photo experiments on Wednesday.

Cheers Ya'll!!

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  1. Looking good, man! Those are going to look great with the cataphract-style shoulder pads. Looking forward to seeing more!