Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Dreaded Honey-Do List of Tzeentch

One of the dangers of flirting with Chaos is having to pay the price for all the coolness. So, after a much deserved holiday that took me from Florida to the far reaches of the Adriondak Mountains of New York and the border of Canada oozing its niceness, I have come back to the swamps of Central Florida to this mess....
...... and that's just the hobby room. We drove and came home with a bunch of family heirlooms/junk, on top of getting an influx of furniture from the in-laws who are down-sizing their living area. Thus, Tzeentch has thrown me a list of things to do that has severely hampered my hobby for a couple more weeks at least.

Decisions have been made, however. Ms.Blinky's eye is going to be a mix of all 3 examples. (Yeah.... that helps) Basically, a deep swampy,brown to olivey-sickly greenish pupil, with no real discernable features. Think of a disturbing deep pool looking back at you.... but with veins in it and a pussy,bloodshot outer eye. Should be DEEeeeeeeeeeee-licious looking. ;) 

In other news, I did get some work done on an upcoming Templars of DOOooom comic. Kind of a reboot of "Warzone :Crixus", but something I might be able to put a few items in my online store from (...because I'm poor and hate my day job) Just for giggles, I may throw some artwork on here of a non-warhammer nature, since I'm going to be working on illustrating a children's book with a zombie in it. And we all LOVE zombies...right?

Cheer's Ya'll!

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