Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Rednekkz Photo Studio

Just on a lark...or a whim..or a oh, whatever... I needed something a bit better to shoot my mini photos. But something simple and easy, because I'm lazy and a painter, not a dadgum photographer. So, I set up a sketchbook and a golden paint pot with some more of the paper on it...and BLAM! time fer pictures, ya'll!

Yes, they have all been here before , but now they have new pictures. First off, the leader of my Raptor Assault #7 squad have spied their new codex on the horizon. Sarge may have soiled his armor in excitement.Its hard to tell because most of his lower half is bionics.

Captain Ikarius is rightly excited about having a new book in the wings too.

Of course, when someone said photos... Da Reddnekkz couldn't be left out.  The miniature that started it all. Koota the Mek (and I still couldn't get a clear shot of his face)
 Them pesky Freebooters had to get in on it too. First to arrive, as usual, was Mista Ozzprey.

 Then Kaptin Bludbeard....
 Everybody left the field at the sudden rumbling approach of Da Genrul - Rustbutt Kil' Lee... and his spit bucket grot . Somehow, an eldar onlooker couldn't get out of the way in time.

And of course, Ahnek Draugar. Just because he could be the coolest model I actually have finished at the moment and he needed a better picture.
Gotta love those eyes. Puuuuurty.  But, it looks like I'll have a better set up for finished photos.

Cheers ya'll!

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  1. Wow! Some amazing work there! Glad to see you posting again!