Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rednekk Engineering: Stretching the 'Budgie!

Unlike some of the Gods of Plastic card that live on certain internet sites, I am not one of them. Sometimes, I can fake it real good.... and here's how :)

Like I said previously, the proper way to extend the Stormtalon ('budgie), would have been to make that decision from the beginning and do it straight from the sprue, BEFORE any construction. But, since we didn't go that route, you do what you have to and here is how I approached it. Not the only way. Probably not the most efficient or even the best way, but its the Rednekk way. ;)

Stage 1: The Framing: Basic framing and layout of how I wanted the 'budgie to be stretched...

Stage 2: Laying in the basic panels of styrene.

Stage 3: Filling in the gaps, holes and evening out the parts with styrene to get it as even as possible

Stage 4: Then... the 'goop'- squadron green putty + testors liquid cement - to fill in the holes,gaps,etc. and to hopefully even out the areas once they are sanded.

And the next step will be sanding and seeing how it all turns out, then "prettying" it all up afterwards to make it look Imperial.

That's all for now. Cheer's ya'll!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strike Force Ickarius 2.0 and other things....

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, LOVE the latest GW washes (shades)? Have I? Well, they are definitely the key to Strike Force Ickarius' makeover.  I did some detail painting on some things like chest eagles and such, but for the most part it was all about Athonian Camoshade over the existing olive green scheme, including the white decals, especially for Tactical Squad #2 which I expanded out to its full size. SO... with the exception of a little detailing on the expansion guys for Tac #2, here's the Tactical gang rebooted.

Tactical Squad #3 will keep their Razorback... and gained a Meltagun.

As you might have noticed, both Sergeants got a "muting" of their ornamental yellows.

Eventually, I plan on doing Tactical squad # 4, which will be camoflaged. And probably the last Raptors addition, besides Vanguard (of which I plan 2 squads). The rest will be from the upstart, fledgling successor chapter the Angry Magpies. ;)

While I was waiting for all those washes to dry, I would slap some green stuff on Ms. Charlotte.. :)

 STORY TIME...... get comfy.....
Back in my days of competitive model building, there were certain kits you only went near if you were brave, suicidal or EXXxxxtremely confident in your abilities. I'm sure those kits still exist in certain categories, but in the days when I built models the one and only decent kit of the German He-219 was the 1/72 scale kit by DML. To build one and enter it in competition was very brave. The kit was a BEAR. To detail it and trick it out was suicidal. The only hope you had of taking home a plaque was a limited number of entries in the category. I built one, with photo-etched antenna, filled all the friggin gaps, unwarped all the warps, filled all the mold issues, rescribed all the panel lines that needed rescribing... you name it. I hit it with my strength, painting and took it to a show thinking I might score 3rd place since there might be 3 planes in the category.  There were nearly 20. 20! Somehow, I pulled off 1st place in that category and was actually in the running for best aircraft- probably, because at the time- it was so rare to see at a show. Why did I tell ya'll this story? Not to toot my past horn.... but to to say that after surviving the DML He-219 gap-turkey buzzard and turning it into an award winner, I have never seen as many gaps and fit issues on a model as I have the Budgie. Good GOD.  And God help me.... I actually like the fuggly little bugger. The more I build it, the more I like it. I want to buy more of them. Must be all of those concussions.

 Here's the basic layout. I'm no engineer. BUT, I can tell you that planning out this kind of thing BEFORE YOU BUILD it makes your life a hell of a LOT easier. Not being afraid of doing things the hard way, I glued everything into place, then cut the fuselage. Like a dope. Seriously, if you want to extend the tail on this little monkey, that's the area and do it right after you take it of the sprue. Dry fit the hell out of it. Masking tape, rubber bands and clothes pins plus QUALITY liquid plastic cement (I prefer Tenax 7R, but I'm using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement..because its all the local hobby shop could get- its not a bad substitute) Then you need something like Squadron Green Putty...but, you take that wonderful stuff and you mix it with a lower quality liquid cement (like Testors)- so you get a nice stinky goop and you apply this to gaps and holes (note the green stuff above the cockpit in the picture) Once it dries, you sand it away. The wife keeps telling me I need to do some specific "this is how you do it" stuff. I'll have to shang-hai her into taking pictures. :)

SPEAKING OF GAPS..... a half round, stock plastic can do wonders when you are you doing that little "slight-turn-of-the-rudder" trick ...which usually works better on parked aircraft, but hovering aircraft can work too....  B-BUT WAIT....W-What is that thing next to the rudder? Anyone have a can of Raid on hand?

Enough rambling for now.  Catch up with Ya'll around Sunday! Cheers Ya'all!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

From the Workbench: Magpies,Raptors and squishy things.

Seems I've lost my mind a bit... again.  I decided to lengthen the fuselage on the Stormbudgie. A note to anyone else even considering this, cut it BEFORE you glue it together... its a HELL of a lot easier.

So, now the plan is to build the inside plasticard, then the outside. That should be in the next post.... I hope. 
I've been working on Strike Force Ickarius 2.0.  The bad part about adding to an army you painted a year or so before, is its just not going to look the same.  I also wanted to 'stealth' up the old army.  What I'm doing is matching the new painting with the old, then doing washed with Athonian Camoshade (which I didn't have when I did the first army).... and I'm liking the results...

     A: Is the newly painted guy, using the new washes - which I absolutely love and didn't have when I did the army the first time.
     B: One of the old guys with One overall wash of Athonian Camoshade. It dirties up the white. The wash makes the muted olive look abit more green and really helps with the recesses. I'm thinking another wash (or two) might work.
    C: One of the old guys, untouched.  Looks like I may have a plan forming.

While I'm organizing,re-organizing and painting the Raptors, I always have something else to work on while I'm waiting for paint to dry and such. Charlotte's belly is the ongoing project. And here's where I'm at with that. Kinda gross, huh....

.... and one other quick little detail that needed detailing. The aft ventral steering mechanisms for the Cyber-pie...
So, now the Inquisitor is ready to be primed. And then paint.

I've been doing inventory on my marines, both Chaos and Loyal, .... and I have LOTS of guys to build. But, of course, I'll still need to buy something eventually. At least one Landspeeder Storm (or Stormtalon to convert into a transport for scouts- if I can figure out an easy way to do it), definitely some of the new Vanguard.  I've also decided to hijack another 'official' Games Workshop Space Marine Chapter - The Stone Hearts. Only mentioned officially ONCE , these guys are ripe for interpretation. I'm going to TRY to be serious with them. I tried with the Raptors and you can see how that worked out.  I've also decided that the bulk of my additions to Strike Force Ickarius will be from another Raven Guard successor... the Angry Magpies. :)

Cheer's Ya'll!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Stormbudgie: Part One.

"Captain, we could really use a little air support to get the momentum back here." Sergeant Locus grumbled, taking the magazine out of his bolter to visually check his ammo. Captain Ickarius never looked up from the massive tome of memorabilia he held open for the Vanguard squad to see, though they only feined interest when he looked at them.

"Well, call Dargo and his Stormwarbler." He said dismissively. "That should show those Chaos traitors! Now look here Centrorius, these here were some nasty traitors...." He flipped a few pages.... "Ah, Grabstov Minor, tentacles galore... wow! Look here, I have a sucker from one of the tentacles here on this page."

Locus grimmaced inside his helmet then, looked out over the ruined city where the ORKS they were fighting were regrouping. "StormTalon 4, mark this location and assist."

"Better say please!" The captain added, "The Stormmallard driver doesn't like it when you are rude."
"Stormtalon,sir" one of the Vanguard corrected.
"Right, right...Stormbudgie, that's what I said. Hey, there's a dead Ork over there. There are Orks here too?"

It begins, as all aircraft should, with the cockpit. I added a few photo-etched brass parts that no one will likely be able to see to spruce things up and aid my inner aircraft geek. When the building was done, here are the sub-assemblies.

 Being an old aircraft model builder from way back - I used to judge and compete in IPMS/AMPS Model contests all through the '90's- I just couldn't help myself when I found a fitting problem.  A gap at the back of the cockpit. First, I test fit the cockpit canopy with some wood glue and WHAM...there it was... HUGE gap...well, maybe not huge, like the width of a fingernail. But a bit of strip styrene and some filing later, great fit. One bit of advice to any novice modelers...always,always,always test fit/dry fit your pieces together. Not only does it show if there are errors with the kit but it can give you ideas on things you might want to change,etc. Glue comes later. Also...superglue is for metal( or metal to plastic), do yourself a favor and buy some plastic model glue for your plastic models.

I also decided I'd have a bit of fun with the flight control surfaces....

 Next on to painting. The "plan" was to do a step by step. How the Rednekkboss paints.  I started out with good intentions...really, I did. Here's the first step. Undercoats. Dark Black-Brown for the mostly red pilot and Dark Grey for the cockpit.

 Then a bit of Lighter Grey mixed with Bleached Bone drybrushed to pick up all the raised details. After that is a light wash with a  light brown.  Here's where things went off the tracks.....  To save time (or maybe it was sleep deprivation) I didn't use my little toilet paper filter over my flash and took quick pictures at each stage.  Yup... not a one of them came out worth a damn.  So, after a few color applicationas and a dozen washes or so later.... here's what I ended up with.

He still needs a Raptor Icon on his shoulder, but otherwise he's ready to go. I named him Dargo, because he has a yellow nose (if you didn't get the reference, google "Farscape"). I slapped the cockpit components together for a test fit and sure enough, you won't see most of the stuff I just spent 4 hour painting... nothing new. But at least Dargo gets to spend some time in the Stormbudgie simulator until the fuselage is ready for the cockpit. ZOOoooooooom zooooom!

Next post should be up @ Sunday. Cheers ya'll!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autocannons and spider guts

Her glorious Majesty, Queen Nefertiti (pictured here, reading a Time magazine) ...

.....and I did a recent inventory of the Templars of DOOooom! One thing I have noticed in recent games is how friggin' handy it would be to have a Havoc Squad around. Here's a shot of the assembled infantry gang, very few of which are finished as far as painting is concerned. (and ... for the young people, that wierd shaped thing on the back of the desk is a CD Walkman. Yes, it works. You Play music on it... no, seriously... music. And NO, I did not steal it from a museum.)

I had guys with Missile launchers, but that was it for Heavy Weapons.  I decided to sacrifice a couple of my powerfist wielding champions, since I had 4. SO.... its off for some redneck engineering. A couple Chaos Heavy Bolters and a bunch of assorted bits later, I came up with these Autocannon wielding bloaks.

The newly dubbed, Ms Charlotte  is in the process of being 'mated' to her flight stand. I intend on expanding her belly around the top of the flight stand .. one gruesome layer at a time.

Since the Stormtalon engines didn't work out, I've managed to salvage them and begin building the Stormtalon as....well, a Stormtalon.  The old anal retentive scale aircraft modeler in me has  crept out on this project, turning a simple build into something... not so simple. That story will start in the next post. :)

Cheer's ya'll!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Odds and Ends

I've been working on all sorts of stuff the last few days. With my acquisition of Codex:Space Marines pending, the cat and I did a bit of inventory and that got all sorts of creative juices flowing.  So, I finished up a couple little projects, while working on the Spider-drake. First, a cultist....

This fellow will be part of a herd (oop...I dropped a pun) of half-crazed or possibly full crazed, Khorne worshipping maniacs/meatshields that I'm putting together to run in front of my eventual squad (or squads) of Khorny marines. Because..... dieing is fun and Khorne really doesn't care where the skulls come from.

Next up, We've got a little transport for the allies. The ORK allies. Yeah, I was kind of all over the place.  This Trukk is cobbed together, as any proppa Orky trukk should be, from left over resin wheels from a 1/35 scale Russian 8 wheeled APC, GW Ork Trukk parts, some old brass rod, greenstuff rivets, 1/48 scale photoetc aircraft parts Stock plastic and there will be a Forgeworld gun pit. (....and I'm certain I missed something) Transport for Lugnutz' Lootin' Boyz. Who aren't actually Lootas... but don't tell them that, cause they really like lootin' stuff.

Now, the BIG question....... Why have a Psyber-Eagle, when you can have a Psyber-Magpie? I ask myself that at least twice a day. Probably why I'm on regular meds...but,er....oh, I gave the man a the bird. NO,NO! not THAT bird...the other bird. A little birdy from the GW Giant kit that's supposed to be a crow, I think, became the Psyber-Pie. I may still lengthen its tail,but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it. I lopped off its head and reglued it with a bit of a turn, since the body sits at an angle. And yes...oh yes, his Lordship will have bird crap on his jacket. Because anyone who has owned a pet bird knows... they crap... a lot. Otherwise, I'm still trying to figure out his Daemon hammer, whether It'll be slung across his back- or whether that'll make the miniature too "busy". I'm toying with some sort of creepy menial, Igor like thing to be carrying it. Besides the hammer...he is ready for paint.

Lastly, for this post anyways.... we have the first 4 man addition to the 2 Razorback Tactical Squads of Strike Force Ickarius, for when I use them dismounted. I'm likely to make a couple optional heavy weapon or special weapon models, but  who knows. I'm mulling over what to do with the unbuilt and reconditioned Marines I have waiting for new life in my hobby room, knowing full well there will be a new marine force of Allied Contingent size (at least) coming along in the future. But OH... the questions I'm wrestling with....

I love the new codex, for what its worth. I'm sure people will find their faults with it. You can never please everyone. You can definitely count me among the Chaos faithful that wishes their book had been put together in the same format (and wonders why the hell it wasn't.... but that's a whole other rant I'll likely NEVER get into here) Overall, its a beautiful book, physically, and the price is what I would probably pay for a history book of the same size, so I for one won't complain.  My wallet will be hurting with the emminent release schedule since the rumors all point to Orks, Imperial guard and Tyranids all in the not too distant future.. as well as Space Wolves, which may yet be where my extra marines end up going.  Who knows. When your brain has been exposed to the Warp as long as mine has things can change.

ONE LAST THING.... the wife has christened the Spider-drake, fittingly, Charlotte.  Since she deserves some respect, she shall be known as Ms. Charlotte and will get the next post ALLLLL to herself since ether have been some interesting developments. Look for that around Sunday night.

Cheers ya'll!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


              To loot a line from The Python crew "And now for something completely different..."
                              NOW, LOOK 'ERE YA LUGGZ!

And the lady or two that might visit my humble blog, I the Boss of Da Rednekkz have stormed social media. OK...well, maybe its more like a sneaking in the backgate and stealing a couple pies cooling on the window sill (Do people even DO that any more? If so, where? I want to move there. City life sucks.)

 Until the cease and desist packet shows up, you'll be able to find my omage to Dom DeLuise's Captain Chaos on FACEBOOK and now TWITTER , where you sneaky gits can "follow" me and spread mayhem throughout the, well... maybe just get the occasional chuckle. As long as I'm at it- as well as breaking my own rule that I would NEVER make a post of random images I fond via google-

I'm going to drop a FEW more plugs.....

      "Hmmmm, I'll bet she looks great NEKKID..."               "It IS remarkable you are STILL alive, Jim"      

For those with even a mild interest in marketing,commercials or the like, I give you the blog of a guy who is not only a good writer, but one of the most intelligent people I've had the privilege to know and has a great,wry sense of humor. He has also been the Spock to my Kirk on a great many adventures...and trust me, I've had some very Kirk-y moments. I give you The Marketing Smart Aleck and he's even on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

For those METAL HEADS in the crowd, I have an up and coming local band I want to plug. If you like your music hard and masterful and your vocals that sound like they are coming through a portal from hell, give these guys a listen. They are a young band with TONS of potential, who have been opening for national acts locally. GUVERRA !
And a general plug for ANY AND ALL of the fine blogs on my share sidebar, if you haven't already.... check them out, dagnabbitt! (You just know I had to get one kitty in here somewhere. :) )

Back to the "normal" plastic-crack content soon....very soon, in fact. ;)
Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, September 9, 2013

No one ever expects.....

I have finished the thorax cockpit/torture chamber/sacrificial pit/very uncomfortable place to spend eternity. Well, finished as far as I can before painting it, that is. WHAT!?!? Yeah... I said it.  Before the next stage can move forward with that area (with exception of the wing mounting)... I have to paint it.

OH... how delicious it will be!  The plan is to use some "glass" sections with some more framing.  A sweet little bit of heresy: I'm stealing the transparent parts from my Sisters of Battle rhinos. *giggle*  I feel so dirty *Squeeee*  Er...uh, anyways.. the cockpit is likely to be painted in a fairly monochromatic scheme with some ambient internal lighting effects. I'm seriously considering staining the clear plastics to make it look like amber or just a rotted old,nasty look.  I will likely build the wing mounts and finish up some more sculpting- probably the intakes and the engines, before I paint it. But the next work-in-progress shots may have a primed section. :)

Then there's this guy. He's been keeping me busy while waiting for putty to dry.

No one ever expects the Inquisition.  He's destined to be standing in for Inquisitor Coteaz in my not-so-Grey Grey Knights force...or as I like to call it, my Crusade Army. I'll be using my Sisters of Battle minis as Inquisitorial Henchmen and all other kind of wierd things are bound to happen.  I'm just hoping when I pick up my new Space Marine Codex in a couple days it doesn't give me too many crazy ideas, because I know I have enough unbuilt marines to start another army. I know. I know.... but its nice to hope that I won't end up buying a ton of new marines. Especially with the Hive Fleets on the horizon.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ewwww! What's in there!

More progress on the Spider-drake.

I got to thinking, "What or who might be piloting this thing?" I kind of wracked my brain on how to fill the big empty space in the thorax. As luck would have it (or maybe it was Tzeentch, but we don't like to think about that) the Arachnorok Spider was highlighted in White Dwarf this month and it had inset photos of all the neat little dead things on the goblin sprue I basically hadn't even looked at. Thus... I found my, pilot.

With some stock plastic card and plenty of green stuff I worked out a cockpit area. Its still lacking some wires,tubes and other little details, but here is what I have so far.....
The other thing you might notice. I decided to scrap the Stormtalon engines on booms.  I took the dremel to her and you can see where the engines will be.  I'm no engineer.... I'm definitely a Mek.  Rednekk engineering, change it as you go. The only thing lacking is duct tape..... and that just might not be in the photos. ;)

OH... and, in case you were wondering, I'll be scratch building some wings. Mechanical wasp-like wings, she is a hunter after all.

Cheers ya'll!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And along comes a spider.....

.... or a spider like thing...and I put jet engines on it!

Honestly, I have nothing against the Helldrake model. If/when I get one Ms. Blinky will have a sister. Yeah, I HAVE to do one with ONE big eye.... but in the meantime, I'm going to mechanize a damned big spider. (Yes, yes.... I owe you  folks (and MsBlinky) an eye. Airbrush issues and ridiculous humidity have got me sidetracked on other projects, but fear not. It will happen soon, even if I get pissed and paint it free hand.)
Back to the flying bug. The humble beginning....

The engines from a Stormtalon with inverted nozzels, which I figure can swivel a bit. The basic body of the Arachnorok Spider, chopped in half. I figured out the right 'attitude' I want in the body and went after it with the dremel. Believe it or not, I even wore my safety glasses.  With the body parts pinned together, the sculpting, gross-ifying and chaos-ifying begins.

After that basic fit, I figured I want more of a wasp/mosquito kind of body attitude to the critter. So, with some clipping, dry fitting and a LOT more putty, we end up here....

With the MAGIC of photo editing, Here's a mock-up of the eventual critter's lay out.....

The central body will be highly mechanized and I'll be adding pipes, hoses and wires to the engine supports. Plus I'll be chaos-ifying the engine nacelles a bit, to make them a little less Storm Talon-y. More legs, gribbly bits and more gross stuff to come. But for now, I'll be letting the green stuff sit overnight, at least.

Cheers, Ya'll!