Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autocannons and spider guts

Her glorious Majesty, Queen Nefertiti (pictured here, reading a Time magazine) ...

.....and I did a recent inventory of the Templars of DOOooom! One thing I have noticed in recent games is how friggin' handy it would be to have a Havoc Squad around. Here's a shot of the assembled infantry gang, very few of which are finished as far as painting is concerned. (and ... for the young people, that wierd shaped thing on the back of the desk is a CD Walkman. Yes, it works. You Play music on it... no, seriously... music. And NO, I did not steal it from a museum.)

I had guys with Missile launchers, but that was it for Heavy Weapons.  I decided to sacrifice a couple of my powerfist wielding champions, since I had 4. SO.... its off for some redneck engineering. A couple Chaos Heavy Bolters and a bunch of assorted bits later, I came up with these Autocannon wielding bloaks.

The newly dubbed, Ms Charlotte  is in the process of being 'mated' to her flight stand. I intend on expanding her belly around the top of the flight stand .. one gruesome layer at a time.

Since the Stormtalon engines didn't work out, I've managed to salvage them and begin building the Stormtalon as....well, a Stormtalon.  The old anal retentive scale aircraft modeler in me has  crept out on this project, turning a simple build into something... not so simple. That story will start in the next post. :)

Cheer's ya'll!

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