Sunday, September 22, 2013

From the Workbench: Magpies,Raptors and squishy things.

Seems I've lost my mind a bit... again.  I decided to lengthen the fuselage on the Stormbudgie. A note to anyone else even considering this, cut it BEFORE you glue it together... its a HELL of a lot easier.

So, now the plan is to build the inside plasticard, then the outside. That should be in the next post.... I hope. 
I've been working on Strike Force Ickarius 2.0.  The bad part about adding to an army you painted a year or so before, is its just not going to look the same.  I also wanted to 'stealth' up the old army.  What I'm doing is matching the new painting with the old, then doing washed with Athonian Camoshade (which I didn't have when I did the first army).... and I'm liking the results...

     A: Is the newly painted guy, using the new washes - which I absolutely love and didn't have when I did the army the first time.
     B: One of the old guys with One overall wash of Athonian Camoshade. It dirties up the white. The wash makes the muted olive look abit more green and really helps with the recesses. I'm thinking another wash (or two) might work.
    C: One of the old guys, untouched.  Looks like I may have a plan forming.

While I'm organizing,re-organizing and painting the Raptors, I always have something else to work on while I'm waiting for paint to dry and such. Charlotte's belly is the ongoing project. And here's where I'm at with that. Kinda gross, huh....

.... and one other quick little detail that needed detailing. The aft ventral steering mechanisms for the Cyber-pie...
So, now the Inquisitor is ready to be primed. And then paint.

I've been doing inventory on my marines, both Chaos and Loyal, .... and I have LOTS of guys to build. But, of course, I'll still need to buy something eventually. At least one Landspeeder Storm (or Stormtalon to convert into a transport for scouts- if I can figure out an easy way to do it), definitely some of the new Vanguard.  I've also decided to hijack another 'official' Games Workshop Space Marine Chapter - The Stone Hearts. Only mentioned officially ONCE , these guys are ripe for interpretation. I'm going to TRY to be serious with them. I tried with the Raptors and you can see how that worked out.  I've also decided that the bulk of my additions to Strike Force Ickarius will be from another Raven Guard successor... the Angry Magpies. :)

Cheer's Ya'll!

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