Monday, September 9, 2013

No one ever expects.....

I have finished the thorax cockpit/torture chamber/sacrificial pit/very uncomfortable place to spend eternity. Well, finished as far as I can before painting it, that is. WHAT!?!? Yeah... I said it.  Before the next stage can move forward with that area (with exception of the wing mounting)... I have to paint it.

OH... how delicious it will be!  The plan is to use some "glass" sections with some more framing.  A sweet little bit of heresy: I'm stealing the transparent parts from my Sisters of Battle rhinos. *giggle*  I feel so dirty *Squeeee*  Er...uh, anyways.. the cockpit is likely to be painted in a fairly monochromatic scheme with some ambient internal lighting effects. I'm seriously considering staining the clear plastics to make it look like amber or just a rotted old,nasty look.  I will likely build the wing mounts and finish up some more sculpting- probably the intakes and the engines, before I paint it. But the next work-in-progress shots may have a primed section. :)

Then there's this guy. He's been keeping me busy while waiting for putty to dry.

No one ever expects the Inquisition.  He's destined to be standing in for Inquisitor Coteaz in my not-so-Grey Grey Knights force...or as I like to call it, my Crusade Army. I'll be using my Sisters of Battle minis as Inquisitorial Henchmen and all other kind of wierd things are bound to happen.  I'm just hoping when I pick up my new Space Marine Codex in a couple days it doesn't give me too many crazy ideas, because I know I have enough unbuilt marines to start another army. I know. I know.... but its nice to hope that I won't end up buying a ton of new marines. Especially with the Hive Fleets on the horizon.

Cheers Ya'll!