Thursday, September 12, 2013

Odds and Ends

I've been working on all sorts of stuff the last few days. With my acquisition of Codex:Space Marines pending, the cat and I did a bit of inventory and that got all sorts of creative juices flowing.  So, I finished up a couple little projects, while working on the Spider-drake. First, a cultist....

This fellow will be part of a herd (oop...I dropped a pun) of half-crazed or possibly full crazed, Khorne worshipping maniacs/meatshields that I'm putting together to run in front of my eventual squad (or squads) of Khorny marines. Because..... dieing is fun and Khorne really doesn't care where the skulls come from.

Next up, We've got a little transport for the allies. The ORK allies. Yeah, I was kind of all over the place.  This Trukk is cobbed together, as any proppa Orky trukk should be, from left over resin wheels from a 1/35 scale Russian 8 wheeled APC, GW Ork Trukk parts, some old brass rod, greenstuff rivets, 1/48 scale photoetc aircraft parts Stock plastic and there will be a Forgeworld gun pit. (....and I'm certain I missed something) Transport for Lugnutz' Lootin' Boyz. Who aren't actually Lootas... but don't tell them that, cause they really like lootin' stuff.

Now, the BIG question....... Why have a Psyber-Eagle, when you can have a Psyber-Magpie? I ask myself that at least twice a day. Probably why I'm on regular meds...but,er....oh, I gave the man a the bird. NO,NO! not THAT bird...the other bird. A little birdy from the GW Giant kit that's supposed to be a crow, I think, became the Psyber-Pie. I may still lengthen its tail,but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it. I lopped off its head and reglued it with a bit of a turn, since the body sits at an angle. And yes...oh yes, his Lordship will have bird crap on his jacket. Because anyone who has owned a pet bird knows... they crap... a lot. Otherwise, I'm still trying to figure out his Daemon hammer, whether It'll be slung across his back- or whether that'll make the miniature too "busy". I'm toying with some sort of creepy menial, Igor like thing to be carrying it. Besides the hammer...he is ready for paint.

Lastly, for this post anyways.... we have the first 4 man addition to the 2 Razorback Tactical Squads of Strike Force Ickarius, for when I use them dismounted. I'm likely to make a couple optional heavy weapon or special weapon models, but  who knows. I'm mulling over what to do with the unbuilt and reconditioned Marines I have waiting for new life in my hobby room, knowing full well there will be a new marine force of Allied Contingent size (at least) coming along in the future. But OH... the questions I'm wrestling with....

I love the new codex, for what its worth. I'm sure people will find their faults with it. You can never please everyone. You can definitely count me among the Chaos faithful that wishes their book had been put together in the same format (and wonders why the hell it wasn't.... but that's a whole other rant I'll likely NEVER get into here) Overall, its a beautiful book, physically, and the price is what I would probably pay for a history book of the same size, so I for one won't complain.  My wallet will be hurting with the emminent release schedule since the rumors all point to Orks, Imperial guard and Tyranids all in the not too distant future.. as well as Space Wolves, which may yet be where my extra marines end up going.  Who knows. When your brain has been exposed to the Warp as long as mine has things can change.

ONE LAST THING.... the wife has christened the Spider-drake, fittingly, Charlotte.  Since she deserves some respect, she shall be known as Ms. Charlotte and will get the next post ALLLLL to herself since ether have been some interesting developments. Look for that around Sunday night.

Cheers ya'll!

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