Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rednekk Engineering: Stretching the 'Budgie!

Unlike some of the Gods of Plastic card that live on certain internet sites, I am not one of them. Sometimes, I can fake it real good.... and here's how :)

Like I said previously, the proper way to extend the Stormtalon ('budgie), would have been to make that decision from the beginning and do it straight from the sprue, BEFORE any construction. But, since we didn't go that route, you do what you have to and here is how I approached it. Not the only way. Probably not the most efficient or even the best way, but its the Rednekk way. ;)

Stage 1: The Framing: Basic framing and layout of how I wanted the 'budgie to be stretched...

Stage 2: Laying in the basic panels of styrene.

Stage 3: Filling in the gaps, holes and evening out the parts with styrene to get it as even as possible

Stage 4: Then... the 'goop'- squadron green putty + testors liquid cement - to fill in the holes,gaps,etc. and to hopefully even out the areas once they are sanded.

And the next step will be sanding and seeing how it all turns out, then "prettying" it all up afterwards to make it look Imperial.

That's all for now. Cheer's ya'll!

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