Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strike Force Ickarius 2.0 and other things....

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, LOVE the latest GW washes (shades)? Have I? Well, they are definitely the key to Strike Force Ickarius' makeover.  I did some detail painting on some things like chest eagles and such, but for the most part it was all about Athonian Camoshade over the existing olive green scheme, including the white decals, especially for Tactical Squad #2 which I expanded out to its full size. SO... with the exception of a little detailing on the expansion guys for Tac #2, here's the Tactical gang rebooted.

Tactical Squad #3 will keep their Razorback... and gained a Meltagun.

As you might have noticed, both Sergeants got a "muting" of their ornamental yellows.

Eventually, I plan on doing Tactical squad # 4, which will be camoflaged. And probably the last Raptors addition, besides Vanguard (of which I plan 2 squads). The rest will be from the upstart, fledgling successor chapter the Angry Magpies. ;)

While I was waiting for all those washes to dry, I would slap some green stuff on Ms. Charlotte.. :)

 STORY TIME...... get comfy.....
Back in my days of competitive model building, there were certain kits you only went near if you were brave, suicidal or EXXxxxtremely confident in your abilities. I'm sure those kits still exist in certain categories, but in the days when I built models the one and only decent kit of the German He-219 was the 1/72 scale kit by DML. To build one and enter it in competition was very brave. The kit was a BEAR. To detail it and trick it out was suicidal. The only hope you had of taking home a plaque was a limited number of entries in the category. I built one, with photo-etched antenna, filled all the friggin gaps, unwarped all the warps, filled all the mold issues, rescribed all the panel lines that needed rescribing... you name it. I hit it with my strength, painting and took it to a show thinking I might score 3rd place since there might be 3 planes in the category.  There were nearly 20. 20! Somehow, I pulled off 1st place in that category and was actually in the running for best aircraft- probably, because at the time- it was so rare to see at a show. Why did I tell ya'll this story? Not to toot my past horn.... but to to say that after surviving the DML He-219 gap-turkey buzzard and turning it into an award winner, I have never seen as many gaps and fit issues on a model as I have the Budgie. Good GOD.  And God help me.... I actually like the fuggly little bugger. The more I build it, the more I like it. I want to buy more of them. Must be all of those concussions.

 Here's the basic layout. I'm no engineer. BUT, I can tell you that planning out this kind of thing BEFORE YOU BUILD it makes your life a hell of a LOT easier. Not being afraid of doing things the hard way, I glued everything into place, then cut the fuselage. Like a dope. Seriously, if you want to extend the tail on this little monkey, that's the area and do it right after you take it of the sprue. Dry fit the hell out of it. Masking tape, rubber bands and clothes pins plus QUALITY liquid plastic cement (I prefer Tenax 7R, but I'm using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement..because its all the local hobby shop could get- its not a bad substitute) Then you need something like Squadron Green Putty...but, you take that wonderful stuff and you mix it with a lower quality liquid cement (like Testors)- so you get a nice stinky goop and you apply this to gaps and holes (note the green stuff above the cockpit in the picture) Once it dries, you sand it away. The wife keeps telling me I need to do some specific "this is how you do it" stuff. I'll have to shang-hai her into taking pictures. :)

SPEAKING OF GAPS..... a half round, stock plastic can do wonders when you are you doing that little "slight-turn-of-the-rudder" trick ...which usually works better on parked aircraft, but hovering aircraft can work too....  B-BUT WAIT....W-What is that thing next to the rudder? Anyone have a can of Raid on hand?

Enough rambling for now.  Catch up with Ya'll around Sunday! Cheers Ya'all!

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