Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Stormbudgie: Part One.

"Captain, we could really use a little air support to get the momentum back here." Sergeant Locus grumbled, taking the magazine out of his bolter to visually check his ammo. Captain Ickarius never looked up from the massive tome of memorabilia he held open for the Vanguard squad to see, though they only feined interest when he looked at them.

"Well, call Dargo and his Stormwarbler." He said dismissively. "That should show those Chaos traitors! Now look here Centrorius, these here were some nasty traitors...." He flipped a few pages.... "Ah, Grabstov Minor, tentacles galore... wow! Look here, I have a sucker from one of the tentacles here on this page."

Locus grimmaced inside his helmet then, looked out over the ruined city where the ORKS they were fighting were regrouping. "StormTalon 4, mark this location and assist."

"Better say please!" The captain added, "The Stormmallard driver doesn't like it when you are rude."
"Stormtalon,sir" one of the Vanguard corrected.
"Right, right...Stormbudgie, that's what I said. Hey, there's a dead Ork over there. There are Orks here too?"

It begins, as all aircraft should, with the cockpit. I added a few photo-etched brass parts that no one will likely be able to see to spruce things up and aid my inner aircraft geek. When the building was done, here are the sub-assemblies.

 Being an old aircraft model builder from way back - I used to judge and compete in IPMS/AMPS Model contests all through the '90's- I just couldn't help myself when I found a fitting problem.  A gap at the back of the cockpit. First, I test fit the cockpit canopy with some wood glue and WHAM...there it was... HUGE gap...well, maybe not huge, like the width of a fingernail. But a bit of strip styrene and some filing later, great fit. One bit of advice to any novice modelers...always,always,always test fit/dry fit your pieces together. Not only does it show if there are errors with the kit but it can give you ideas on things you might want to change,etc. Glue comes later. Also...superglue is for metal( or metal to plastic), do yourself a favor and buy some plastic model glue for your plastic models.

I also decided I'd have a bit of fun with the flight control surfaces....

 Next on to painting. The "plan" was to do a step by step. How the Rednekkboss paints.  I started out with good intentions...really, I did. Here's the first step. Undercoats. Dark Black-Brown for the mostly red pilot and Dark Grey for the cockpit.

 Then a bit of Lighter Grey mixed with Bleached Bone drybrushed to pick up all the raised details. After that is a light wash with a  light brown.  Here's where things went off the tracks.....  To save time (or maybe it was sleep deprivation) I didn't use my little toilet paper filter over my flash and took quick pictures at each stage.  Yup... not a one of them came out worth a damn.  So, after a few color applicationas and a dozen washes or so later.... here's what I ended up with.

He still needs a Raptor Icon on his shoulder, but otherwise he's ready to go. I named him Dargo, because he has a yellow nose (if you didn't get the reference, google "Farscape"). I slapped the cockpit components together for a test fit and sure enough, you won't see most of the stuff I just spent 4 hour painting... nothing new. But at least Dargo gets to spend some time in the Stormbudgie simulator until the fuselage is ready for the cockpit. ZOOoooooooom zooooom!

Next post should be up @ Sunday. Cheers ya'll!


  1. Awesome work so far, looking forward to seeing this finished :)

  2. I really like the use of extra etched brass and the (i am assuming) emergency pull tab on the canopy. Where did you get these lovely items as I would like to use them on a Fire Raptor when I can buy one.