Tuesday, September 10, 2013


              To loot a line from The Python crew "And now for something completely different..."
                              NOW, LOOK 'ERE YA LUGGZ!

And the lady or two that might visit my humble blog, I the Boss of Da Rednekkz have stormed social media. OK...well, maybe its more like a sneaking in the backgate and stealing a couple pies cooling on the window sill (Do people even DO that any more? If so, where? I want to move there. City life sucks.)

 Until the cease and desist packet shows up, you'll be able to find my omage to Dom DeLuise's Captain Chaos on FACEBOOK and now TWITTER , where you sneaky gits can "follow" me and spread mayhem throughout the land...er, well... maybe just get the occasional chuckle. As long as I'm at it- as well as breaking my own rule that I would NEVER make a post of random images I fond via google-

I'm going to drop a FEW more plugs.....

      "Hmmmm, I'll bet she looks great NEKKID..."               "It IS remarkable you are STILL alive, Jim"      

For those with even a mild interest in marketing,commercials or the like, I give you the blog of a guy who is not only a good writer, but one of the most intelligent people I've had the privilege to know and has a great,wry sense of humor. He has also been the Spock to my Kirk on a great many adventures...and trust me, I've had some very Kirk-y moments. I give you The Marketing Smart Aleck and he's even on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

For those METAL HEADS in the crowd, I have an up and coming local band I want to plug. If you like your music hard and masterful and your vocals that sound like they are coming through a portal from hell, give these guys a listen. They are a young band with TONS of potential, who have been opening for national acts locally. GUVERRA !
And a general plug for ANY AND ALL of the fine blogs on my share sidebar, if you haven't already.... check them out, dagnabbitt! (You just know I had to get one kitty in here somewhere. :) )

Back to the "normal" plastic-crack content soon....very soon, in fact. ;)
Cheers Ya'll!

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