Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat? Definitely Trick....Definitely.

So my "fun" game on Monday turned out to be something .... different.  Usually, my throwdowns with my Tyranid nemesis, Broodnest are hard-fought,comical and generally a good time. I had wanted to test out some flyers and continue the tongue in cheek narrative we had going with the Templars of DOOoom and his bacon loving Tyranids.  Right after deployment, this particular game was going down a different road.

I believe my words were "What the hell is THAT?!?" when I saw the whole army was deployed. I just looked him squarely in the eye and said "There is no way I can make a dent in that and there is no way this is going to be any sort of fun" Too many big critters, buffed by psychic powers to make them nastier, just no way for me to cause enough damage even if I could roll half way decent. My dice DO tend to hit OK, its wounding they seem allergic to.... unless Ms. Blinky is shooting, she seems to have issues hitting, must be that single eye.

"Oh, yeah... this is basically the army I won that last tournament with. My other minis are packed away." In all fairness, he is getting ready to move, but shit on a dipstick man, that is just a nasty,nasty.  So, our game that had been destined for a battle report turned into a "training game". I brought him to my side of the table and made him help me fight him...if that makes sense. Though brutal, and I was characteristicly betrayed by my dice....AGAIN..(the Tzeentchy cultists have been at them, I just know it...tricksy little bastards)

 "Looks scary from up here , Boss!"
Actually, the guys in the tower faired pretty well. Their shooting was suprisingly good, though they seldom wounded. They DID cause wounds. But 2 wounds on a 5 wound Trygon.... meh. I took a gamble.. (that was discussed with my opponent.... like I said, we basically played the game as a training ( I DID learn a LOT) and brought Ms Charlotte in against the Warrior unit that was on the objective in the center- an underground cryogenic storage center, loaded with pork products- which she did he whole balefire deal on to some effect, causing wounds,setting one on fire. The gamble was that my Defiler would hang in to close combat with the Flyrant, which it did not and Charlotte was rectally violated by twin linked devourers on the next turn. A rather unexciting showing for her first time out.

The "Budgie- standing in for a Traitor Vendatta gunship(I NEEEEED to get 1-2 of those)- lazzzed the crap out of one of the Trygons, once again hitting like aces, but failing to wound enough to put it down. Boltgun fire from the tower almost killed the Trygon (again- hit like crazy, failed to wound). It was a scary experience, reminded me of why I don't play tournaments and also of what my armies lack -as in stuff I have yet to purchase.  Broodnest, who is a killer player and my painting protege', is going to help me figure out some units and such that will help me against a broader base of opponents, so I can go down to the shop and play. To be honest, I'm not familiar with the local "meta".. and I just build the units I like and think are cool most of the time, so we'll see how it goes.  The good news is, I'm actually playing the damned game.

Next time (tuesday) he's breaking out his newish Tau army. That should be new for both of us. 

In other news, I've started the first flight base. I have 3 and each one will be a vignette, likely with gretchin doing something goofy. In this one they will be selling beer. Think Lemonade stand.

Last but not least, tomorrow starts a new month. And I've come to a conclusion. I have an aweful lot of troops to paint. Granted, it would have been better to do in October- I could have called it Trooptober or something catchy like that, but instead I'm simply saying that I WILL NOT be painting anything for the next month that is not a TROOP choice. I'll still be working on Charlotte's wings, etc... but I need to build and - most importantly- PAINT- troop units. So expect to see Marines,cultists/guardsmen and some more Marines for the rest of the month. 

Cheers ya'll

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Collector...of sorts.

May I present to you, Lord Inquisitor and Protectorate Marshal of the Crius Archipelago, His Grace, Sir Neville Jaxi Baggibottom the Third.

And another all around shot......

I'll admit to being a bit of a dope. One of the reasons for the delay in this post was that I HAD done a step-by-step photo bit on how I did the whites and such on His Grace. But, in a sudden fit of stupidity brought on by sleep deprivation and possibly one too many bottles of Woodchuck Hard Cider (Don't photo edit under the influence.. ) ... I, well.. I actually deleted the raw in progress pictures. SO, when I got out of work today, I retook some pictures of the "finished" Inquisitor. I may add some static grass, but I'm calling him done at this point. 

Imperial Purple, parchment/warm whites and black are the colors of the Crixus Reclamation Force led by His Grace.  He's known as a bit of a "collector"... definitely an eccentric, though saying that too his face is not always recommended. He collects, among other things, Space Marines. If there is a wayward,decimated Chapter struggling for existance or perhaps with its loyalty being questioned, His Grace might just swoop in and "save" them....  for the price of fighting for him, of course. In the process he collects as much information about the chapter,its lore,etc as he can, before using them up in some dangerous mission. Of particular interest to him are chapters of the 29th or Cursed founding, which he finds particularly fascinating.  many have speculated there is some great work underlaying the Inquisitors odd compulsion, others write it off as an unnatural fascination.

Also in the works, besides the flight stand that the 'Budgie and Ms. Charlotte will share, I have put my basing brown on a couple of Angry Magpie models, to start the off white areas. First, the Sergeant of the bike squad...

And one of the leaders of their contingent, a Chaplain. Yes.... that is a feather cloak.

I finally got my stuff from Poland. Finally, shoulder pads for some of the Dogs of Khorne (I didn't order enough-somehow) and some scaley,serpent loving bunch of Slaanesh worshipping gits will be coming along in the not too distant future as well. The next post, however is likely to be a battle report, since I have a game on Monday.  We'll see how badly the Chaos dice Gods abuse me.

Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Of Khorney Chicks and Flying Things.....

I often bring Warhammer Fantasy miniatures and parts into my 40k stuff, especially for Chaos. When I saw the Valkia the Bloody miniature, I knew I had to figure out a place at my table for her. And of course... she couldn't go "as is". Not a ton of changes, though I may still add a bit of sculpting to the mix now that she has set, but she will lead the airborne element of the Dogs of Khorne. Here she far....

A bit of delicious irony, using the deamonette head. The gloved hands are from the Dark Elf Corsair kit. Plasma gun from the Dark Vengeance kit and the sword is from the fantasy Chaos Warrior box.  The sword may change if I come across a better weapon, but for now it will do. Most likely she will be a Raptor Aspiring Champion most of the time. *Small Rant time* I NEVER understood why Chaos wasn't given the same opportunity to have additional characters like the Space Wolves. But then again, Chaos always gets the short end... look at the psykers, loyalist librarians are DIRT CHEAP... I pay an arm, leg and half a torso for one. *rant over...for now*

Anyways, back to the model building.  One might ask, "What do you do while you are waiting for things to dry, Redneck?"  WEEEeeelllllllll, lemme tell ya! That's when I work on whatever extensive sculpting project I might be fooling with. Guess who is about 90% done- as far as the sculpting is concerned, that is....

A night's work, progressing left to right. I noticed about half way through that there were little faces ... or maybe it was sleep deprivation.So, I kind of ran with it a bit. It is a daemon engine afterall, might as well have some tortured souls involved.

The first part of my bits order arrived. Yes, you can still find plastic bits someplace. And the prices were reasonable. Overall, very pleased with my interaction with Hoard of Bits. Payment is through paypal and the package came USPS. OH... and looky what I made!

The alternate Aspiring champion models a pair of wings. Much nicer than the ones from the Possessed sprues. ;)

AND not to be left out, the Cyber-pie got his new tail. Now the Inquisitor is ready for paint.

Once the rest of my parts arrive from Poland, I'll be able to "Bring the NOISE!"... yeah.... there is to be a Slaaneshi contingent for the Templars of DOOooom.

Cheers ya'll!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Painted Budgie

With a fairly beautiful camoflage scheme on the 'Budgie, it was time for decals. I put gloss medium where I thought I might put decals, then went through the daunting task of going through my decal stash, which dates back about a decade, with Games workshop stuff and various 1/48 scale aircraft decals. The Raptors symbols from the forgeworld sheet, then some odds and ends from some Me109 and FW190 sheets. Here's what I came up with.

Then some more gloss coat over the decals and then a healthy spray of dull coat over the whole model. It looked as though my dull coat had screwed me over for a second, going on a bit thick on the back. Then I accidentally touched it. OH... and the paint just peeeeeeeeealed right off. Look, how lovely...

I had originally wanted a section that looked like it had been recently repainted or repaired. SO... to fix the problem, without having to do a whole repaint of the back end of the model- here was the solution.

With the "crisis" averted, it was on to the standard Althonian Camoshade wash I usually give my Raptors.  Remember that nice camoflage scheme I had, that I worked so hard on...... well, its pretty much gone. Then a bit of drybrushing, dusting and weathering.

Still.... looks pretty friggin sweet. I thought about doing a re-application of the camo color, but I think I'm leaving it the way it is and proceding with the weathering powders and detailing (lights,chipping,etc.). Off came the canopy masks (at least that was flawless) and you can see where it stands below.

I just made a bitz order from my favorite aftermarket guys in Warsaw, Poland. There are all sorts of cool things on the horizon, which leads me to...

     Finally, shoulder plates inbound for the Dogs of Khorne. The Khorne contingent will be getting an expansion, with a Raptors team. Eventually, there will be some other assorted Khorny units though I have an Eeeeevil idea of building the Khorne contingent so I can use the Space Wolf rules and use it as an Allied contingent for my Traitor Guard. Thunder"wolf" cavalry on Juggernauts? OOooooooo.  There is also a Chaos Deamons allied force(which could be played as the primary contingent too) that sits unbuilt, so there is fun to be had there. OH.... and have I mentioned the Slaaneshi contingent? And NO... I haven't forgotten about the girls: Ms. Charlotte and Ms. Blinky. They will be wrapped up sooner than later.

     Two Landspeeder Storms are inbound. I plan to magnetize the scouts so I can use them on bases as well. I haven't decided if both will be in Raptors colors or if one will be Raptor and one Angry Magpie. I have a squad of 10 scouts built which will likely be the first Angry Magpie troop unit, as well as my Dark Vengeance bikers  blocked out in Magpie colors (more on them soon)

     Once again, I feel myself drawn back to the Hive Fleets. This time, Hive Fleet "Beautiful Swimmer" or as I call it "Hive Fleet Blue Crab". I have two old metal Carnifexes that will soon be respawned in a rather savory, Blue Crab asthetic. Fred the paint test termagaunt will be making his debut very soon.

     While I'm sure they feel forgotten, I'm planning to finish the Ork Trukk I've been tinkering with. Then I'll finish painting up the Trukk boyz that I started a couple years back to go with it.  Building and painting the Stormbudgie have given me the urge to build one of my Orky Fightas for air support as well.

That's it for now (that's enough, don't ya think?) Another post @ Monday, since I have a date with the dead - the Walking Dead on Sunday ;)
Cheer's Ya'll!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

From the Workbench: My Airbrush and Me...

.... or otherwise entitled "Yet Another Reason I Am Not Fond of Florida".

Tonight, I airbrushed the basic paint scheme on the Stormbudgie. Though an old soldier, my nearly 20 year old Iwata airbrush can be tempermental. Not to mention the fundamental problem of airbrushing in the "Sunshine State"- humidity. Somehow, I managed to get through 3 color applications (1 lacquer and 2 acrylic) without and major screw ups. A few minor ones, but nothing major. I probably should have waited for the weather to change tomorrow,when its supposed to be less humid, but this was the best night for a late night for me this week. The results were ... satisfactory.

I started with an overall coat of Testors Model Master Green Drab. It went on fairly without incident, only a couple drops of water in the lines, which doesn't bother lacquers much. Then I thinned down some Privateer Press Battledress Green which is the base color for my Raptors. I tried to let the darker Green Drab show through around the panel lines and recesses, to give it an overall worn/faded look. There were a couple water-in-the-line incidents, but easily dealt with and neither left anything noticable on the paint scheme. At this point I really should have snapped a photo. It looked pretty cool. But as usual, I forgot about the camera while painting. The "field applied camo" color was testors Model Master Israeli Armor Sand Grey. Lots of challenges with the humidity since I was trying to do a line pattern, most I was able to blow away by backing off the paint and hitting it with air through the brush. 

Next will be all the detail painting and weathering. I hope to have her done by next week.  Also on the workbench (along with many other things) are some of the Angry Magpies. A horrendous dremel mishap, which injured me and the miniature, has made me change course a bit on what the Librarian will look like, but I have laid out the basics of his jump pack. Its not totally done, there will be irridescent blue-black feathers and such, but it gives you a basic idea of colors.

I've also repurposed an older conversion of the Dark Vengeance Chaplain for the magpies. Thanks to some trading of old minis I'm not using, I have 2 Landspeeder Storms on the way. I'm probably going to make one Raptors and one Magpies, but we'll see.

That's all for now. Cheers ya'll!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just a quick shot of the eye....

I've had several people ask for some detail shots of Ms. Blinky's eye. So I figured I'd share the montage here as well. It came out so good, now I'm going to have to put more nasty bloodshot eyes in my Chaos army. Way to raise the bar on myself... dumba$$.

More stuff in a day or so. Angry Magpies on the painting table as well as a few other things, plus more work on Charlotte and Blinky. Monday night or Tuesday most likely.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From the Workbench: A 'Budgie,an Eye and a Magpie.

As usual on my "From the Workbench;" series, I bring you photographs I'm too lazy to take in my better (though less than perfect) photo set up of what I'm working on at the moment.  The never-ending on going Stormtalon (Stormbudgie) has finally....FINALLY.. gotten to the point where the paint can start flying. In fact, as I type this the primer is drying.  But here's what she looked like after I sanded away all of the Orky engineering...

Then, I masked the canopy with good ol' Scotch tape. I've always used it. I give the canopy a good polishing with a t-shirt, to get rid of fingerprints and such. Make sure my hands are clean and cut away (carefully and lightly) along the framing with an exacto knife. I use toothpicks to rub the tape down along the edges first. It never seems to life up, even with multiple spraying/layers of paint.  I'm not 100% about brush painting , since I usually airbrush my planes. Next was the front end, which needed a bit of fill and sand work as well as final decisions on the armament. I made a Typhoon missile launcher turret for the nose and decided to mount my assault cannons outboard.

And here's the finished 'Budgie... ready for primer.

Also on the desk are a few assorted Magpies. I started this conversion to likely be their Chief Librarian and grudge keeper. Just the start, much more to be done yet on him...

 The next subject might be a bit of a suprise. You might think I had forgotten about her. She's been looking a bit lonely lately, so I decided to dust her off and stay up all night to do some fevorish painting.

I skipped a few steps here and there with the pictures, because I always forget about the camera when I'm painting, but I'll try to give you the basics.  Here I lightened up the base Yellow Oche with bleached bone, then bleached bone and white to give me a brighter area to work on. I hit the edges of this with a shade (the yellowy brown Sepia)... then on to the pupil.

Blinky has green on her, but no blue anywhere, so I wanted some blue in the eye to make it stand out. I blocked in the shape and used a lot of crazy careful brushwork and some Prismacolor colored pencils to get everything where I wanted it. She looks so cute in the last one..... but not for long... THIS is where all the real CRAZY happened. I can't even start to say how it was really done, but I can tell you that I used Red Gore in various states of liquidness, sometimes mixed with the Druachi (sp)Purple Shade. There were the colored pencils involved, red,violet,blue and even dark green. But,here's what I came up with when the madness subsided....

On the left, is after the initial bloodshotty veins and craziness happened. The Right is after a careful and strategic drybrushing of white/bleached one in certain areas and over the pupil to get that milky, cataract look.  Then finally, a couple healthy coats of gloss coat, for extra goopiness....

How would you like THAT staring at you from across the gaming table? And yes, I will turn her to keep eye contact as much as possible with who ever I play...even after he kills her. ;)

Cheer's Ya'll!