Friday, October 25, 2013

A Collector...of sorts.

May I present to you, Lord Inquisitor and Protectorate Marshal of the Crius Archipelago, His Grace, Sir Neville Jaxi Baggibottom the Third.

And another all around shot......

I'll admit to being a bit of a dope. One of the reasons for the delay in this post was that I HAD done a step-by-step photo bit on how I did the whites and such on His Grace. But, in a sudden fit of stupidity brought on by sleep deprivation and possibly one too many bottles of Woodchuck Hard Cider (Don't photo edit under the influence.. ) ... I, well.. I actually deleted the raw in progress pictures. SO, when I got out of work today, I retook some pictures of the "finished" Inquisitor. I may add some static grass, but I'm calling him done at this point. 

Imperial Purple, parchment/warm whites and black are the colors of the Crixus Reclamation Force led by His Grace.  He's known as a bit of a "collector"... definitely an eccentric, though saying that too his face is not always recommended. He collects, among other things, Space Marines. If there is a wayward,decimated Chapter struggling for existance or perhaps with its loyalty being questioned, His Grace might just swoop in and "save" them....  for the price of fighting for him, of course. In the process he collects as much information about the chapter,its lore,etc as he can, before using them up in some dangerous mission. Of particular interest to him are chapters of the 29th or Cursed founding, which he finds particularly fascinating.  many have speculated there is some great work underlaying the Inquisitors odd compulsion, others write it off as an unnatural fascination.

Also in the works, besides the flight stand that the 'Budgie and Ms. Charlotte will share, I have put my basing brown on a couple of Angry Magpie models, to start the off white areas. First, the Sergeant of the bike squad...

And one of the leaders of their contingent, a Chaplain. Yes.... that is a feather cloak.

I finally got my stuff from Poland. Finally, shoulder pads for some of the Dogs of Khorne (I didn't order enough-somehow) and some scaley,serpent loving bunch of Slaanesh worshipping gits will be coming along in the not too distant future as well. The next post, however is likely to be a battle report, since I have a game on Monday.  We'll see how badly the Chaos dice Gods abuse me.

Cheers ya'll!

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