Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Painted Budgie

With a fairly beautiful camoflage scheme on the 'Budgie, it was time for decals. I put gloss medium where I thought I might put decals, then went through the daunting task of going through my decal stash, which dates back about a decade, with Games workshop stuff and various 1/48 scale aircraft decals. The Raptors symbols from the forgeworld sheet, then some odds and ends from some Me109 and FW190 sheets. Here's what I came up with.

Then some more gloss coat over the decals and then a healthy spray of dull coat over the whole model. It looked as though my dull coat had screwed me over for a second, going on a bit thick on the back. Then I accidentally touched it. OH... and the paint just peeeeeeeeealed right off. Look, how lovely...

I had originally wanted a section that looked like it had been recently repainted or repaired. SO... to fix the problem, without having to do a whole repaint of the back end of the model- here was the solution.

With the "crisis" averted, it was on to the standard Althonian Camoshade wash I usually give my Raptors.  Remember that nice camoflage scheme I had, that I worked so hard on...... well, its pretty much gone. Then a bit of drybrushing, dusting and weathering.

Still.... looks pretty friggin sweet. I thought about doing a re-application of the camo color, but I think I'm leaving it the way it is and proceding with the weathering powders and detailing (lights,chipping,etc.). Off came the canopy masks (at least that was flawless) and you can see where it stands below.

I just made a bitz order from my favorite aftermarket guys in Warsaw, Poland. There are all sorts of cool things on the horizon, which leads me to...

     Finally, shoulder plates inbound for the Dogs of Khorne. The Khorne contingent will be getting an expansion, with a Raptors team. Eventually, there will be some other assorted Khorny units though I have an Eeeeevil idea of building the Khorne contingent so I can use the Space Wolf rules and use it as an Allied contingent for my Traitor Guard. Thunder"wolf" cavalry on Juggernauts? OOooooooo.  There is also a Chaos Deamons allied force(which could be played as the primary contingent too) that sits unbuilt, so there is fun to be had there. OH.... and have I mentioned the Slaaneshi contingent? And NO... I haven't forgotten about the girls: Ms. Charlotte and Ms. Blinky. They will be wrapped up sooner than later.

     Two Landspeeder Storms are inbound. I plan to magnetize the scouts so I can use them on bases as well. I haven't decided if both will be in Raptors colors or if one will be Raptor and one Angry Magpie. I have a squad of 10 scouts built which will likely be the first Angry Magpie troop unit, as well as my Dark Vengeance bikers  blocked out in Magpie colors (more on them soon)

     Once again, I feel myself drawn back to the Hive Fleets. This time, Hive Fleet "Beautiful Swimmer" or as I call it "Hive Fleet Blue Crab". I have two old metal Carnifexes that will soon be respawned in a rather savory, Blue Crab asthetic. Fred the paint test termagaunt will be making his debut very soon.

     While I'm sure they feel forgotten, I'm planning to finish the Ork Trukk I've been tinkering with. Then I'll finish painting up the Trukk boyz that I started a couple years back to go with it.  Building and painting the Stormbudgie have given me the urge to build one of my Orky Fightas for air support as well.

That's it for now (that's enough, don't ya think?) Another post @ Monday, since I have a date with the dead - the Walking Dead on Sunday ;)
Cheer's Ya'll!!

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  1. Love the Stomr Talon, looks like one they'd do for a Forgeworld book!