Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From the Workbench: A 'Budgie,an Eye and a Magpie.

As usual on my "From the Workbench;" series, I bring you photographs I'm too lazy to take in my better (though less than perfect) photo set up of what I'm working on at the moment.  The never-ending on going Stormtalon (Stormbudgie) has finally....FINALLY.. gotten to the point where the paint can start flying. In fact, as I type this the primer is drying.  But here's what she looked like after I sanded away all of the Orky engineering...

Then, I masked the canopy with good ol' Scotch tape. I've always used it. I give the canopy a good polishing with a t-shirt, to get rid of fingerprints and such. Make sure my hands are clean and cut away (carefully and lightly) along the framing with an exacto knife. I use toothpicks to rub the tape down along the edges first. It never seems to life up, even with multiple spraying/layers of paint.  I'm not 100% about brush painting , since I usually airbrush my planes. Next was the front end, which needed a bit of fill and sand work as well as final decisions on the armament. I made a Typhoon missile launcher turret for the nose and decided to mount my assault cannons outboard.

And here's the finished 'Budgie... ready for primer.

Also on the desk are a few assorted Magpies. I started this conversion to likely be their Chief Librarian and grudge keeper. Just the start, much more to be done yet on him...

 The next subject might be a bit of a suprise. You might think I had forgotten about her. She's been looking a bit lonely lately, so I decided to dust her off and stay up all night to do some fevorish painting.

I skipped a few steps here and there with the pictures, because I always forget about the camera when I'm painting, but I'll try to give you the basics.  Here I lightened up the base Yellow Oche with bleached bone, then bleached bone and white to give me a brighter area to work on. I hit the edges of this with a shade (the yellowy brown Sepia)... then on to the pupil.

Blinky has green on her, but no blue anywhere, so I wanted some blue in the eye to make it stand out. I blocked in the shape and used a lot of crazy careful brushwork and some Prismacolor colored pencils to get everything where I wanted it. She looks so cute in the last one..... but not for long... THIS is where all the real CRAZY happened. I can't even start to say how it was really done, but I can tell you that I used Red Gore in various states of liquidness, sometimes mixed with the Druachi (sp)Purple Shade. There were the colored pencils involved, red,violet,blue and even dark green. But,here's what I came up with when the madness subsided....

On the left, is after the initial bloodshotty veins and craziness happened. The Right is after a careful and strategic drybrushing of white/bleached one in certain areas and over the pupil to get that milky, cataract look.  Then finally, a couple healthy coats of gloss coat, for extra goopiness....

How would you like THAT staring at you from across the gaming table? And yes, I will turn her to keep eye contact as much as possible with who ever I play...even after he kills her. ;)

Cheer's Ya'll!


  1. Loveing the budgie, great work on the build. Blinky there is friggin' terrifying! Actually made my eyes water looking at it. Amazing work, man.

  2. Whoa, I was actually just about prepared to think you ruined Binky's eye before I saw that last picture with the finished effect. That's brilliant, mate. And gross. And cute. All at the same time. I think I might need to lay down ;)

    Great work!

  3. Gross. Cute. Disturbing. All at the same time. Sounds like I've hit the desired effect. It should be a bit more gross even, by the time I'm done with the rest of her. But thanks for all the kind words. :)