Tuesday, October 8, 2013

From the Workbench: My Airbrush and Me...

.... or otherwise entitled "Yet Another Reason I Am Not Fond of Florida".

Tonight, I airbrushed the basic paint scheme on the Stormbudgie. Though an old soldier, my nearly 20 year old Iwata airbrush can be tempermental. Not to mention the fundamental problem of airbrushing in the "Sunshine State"- humidity. Somehow, I managed to get through 3 color applications (1 lacquer and 2 acrylic) without and major screw ups. A few minor ones, but nothing major. I probably should have waited for the weather to change tomorrow,when its supposed to be less humid, but this was the best night for a late night for me this week. The results were ... satisfactory.

I started with an overall coat of Testors Model Master Green Drab. It went on fairly without incident, only a couple drops of water in the lines, which doesn't bother lacquers much. Then I thinned down some Privateer Press Battledress Green which is the base color for my Raptors. I tried to let the darker Green Drab show through around the panel lines and recesses, to give it an overall worn/faded look. There were a couple water-in-the-line incidents, but easily dealt with and neither left anything noticable on the paint scheme. At this point I really should have snapped a photo. It looked pretty cool. But as usual, I forgot about the camera while painting. The "field applied camo" color was testors Model Master Israeli Armor Sand Grey. Lots of challenges with the humidity since I was trying to do a line pattern, most I was able to blow away by backing off the paint and hitting it with air through the brush. 

Next will be all the detail painting and weathering. I hope to have her done by next week.  Also on the workbench (along with many other things) are some of the Angry Magpies. A horrendous dremel mishap, which injured me and the miniature, has made me change course a bit on what the Librarian will look like, but I have laid out the basics of his jump pack. Its not totally done, there will be irridescent blue-black feathers and such, but it gives you a basic idea of colors.

I've also repurposed an older conversion of the Dark Vengeance Chaplain for the magpies. Thanks to some trading of old minis I'm not using, I have 2 Landspeeder Storms on the way. I'm probably going to make one Raptors and one Magpies, but we'll see.

That's all for now. Cheers ya'll!

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  1. Awesome stuff, man! Love the camo pattern on the budgie, and that jump pack looks ace!