Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Of Khorney Chicks and Flying Things.....

I often bring Warhammer Fantasy miniatures and parts into my 40k stuff, especially for Chaos. When I saw the Valkia the Bloody miniature, I knew I had to figure out a place at my table for her. And of course... she couldn't go "as is". Not a ton of changes, though I may still add a bit of sculpting to the mix now that she has set, but she will lead the airborne element of the Dogs of Khorne. Here she far....

A bit of delicious irony, using the deamonette head. The gloved hands are from the Dark Elf Corsair kit. Plasma gun from the Dark Vengeance kit and the sword is from the fantasy Chaos Warrior box.  The sword may change if I come across a better weapon, but for now it will do. Most likely she will be a Raptor Aspiring Champion most of the time. *Small Rant time* I NEVER understood why Chaos wasn't given the same opportunity to have additional characters like the Space Wolves. But then again, Chaos always gets the short end... look at the psykers, loyalist librarians are DIRT CHEAP... I pay an arm, leg and half a torso for one. *rant over...for now*

Anyways, back to the model building.  One might ask, "What do you do while you are waiting for things to dry, Redneck?"  WEEEeeelllllllll, lemme tell ya! That's when I work on whatever extensive sculpting project I might be fooling with. Guess who is about 90% done- as far as the sculpting is concerned, that is....

A night's work, progressing left to right. I noticed about half way through that there were little faces ... or maybe it was sleep deprivation.So, I kind of ran with it a bit. It is a daemon engine afterall, might as well have some tortured souls involved.

The first part of my bits order arrived. Yes, you can still find plastic bits someplace. And the prices were reasonable. Overall, very pleased with my interaction with Hoard of Bits. Payment is through paypal and the package came USPS. OH... and looky what I made!

The alternate Aspiring champion models a pair of wings. Much nicer than the ones from the Possessed sprues. ;)

AND not to be left out, the Cyber-pie got his new tail. Now the Inquisitor is ready for paint.

Once the rest of my parts arrive from Poland, I'll be able to "Bring the NOISE!"... yeah.... there is to be a Slaaneshi contingent for the Templars of DOOooom.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Just found your blog and I love what you are doing, especially looking forward to seeing the 'helldrake'
    Blinky looks disgusting but amazing and your greenstuff work is so detailed im mad jealous

  2. Thanks so much, Maniac. Its so great go get feedback and I'm glad you are enjoying it. I am so humbled by all of you folks that have visited my humble little blog. After breaching 25k page views, it also challenges me as a hobbyist to keep quality,cool and interesting stuff coming at least twice a week. The big bonus, for me, being that it's helping me get through a whole wall unit full of kits I need to finish. :)