Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat? Definitely Trick....Definitely.

So my "fun" game on Monday turned out to be something .... different.  Usually, my throwdowns with my Tyranid nemesis, Broodnest are hard-fought,comical and generally a good time. I had wanted to test out some flyers and continue the tongue in cheek narrative we had going with the Templars of DOOoom and his bacon loving Tyranids.  Right after deployment, this particular game was going down a different road.

I believe my words were "What the hell is THAT?!?" when I saw the whole army was deployed. I just looked him squarely in the eye and said "There is no way I can make a dent in that and there is no way this is going to be any sort of fun" Too many big critters, buffed by psychic powers to make them nastier, just no way for me to cause enough damage even if I could roll half way decent. My dice DO tend to hit OK, its wounding they seem allergic to.... unless Ms. Blinky is shooting, she seems to have issues hitting, must be that single eye.

"Oh, yeah... this is basically the army I won that last tournament with. My other minis are packed away." In all fairness, he is getting ready to move, but shit on a dipstick man, that is just a nasty,nasty.  So, our game that had been destined for a battle report turned into a "training game". I brought him to my side of the table and made him help me fight him...if that makes sense. Though brutal, and I was characteristicly betrayed by my dice....AGAIN..(the Tzeentchy cultists have been at them, I just know it...tricksy little bastards)

 "Looks scary from up here , Boss!"
Actually, the guys in the tower faired pretty well. Their shooting was suprisingly good, though they seldom wounded. They DID cause wounds. But 2 wounds on a 5 wound Trygon.... meh. I took a gamble.. (that was discussed with my opponent.... like I said, we basically played the game as a training ( I DID learn a LOT) and brought Ms Charlotte in against the Warrior unit that was on the objective in the center- an underground cryogenic storage center, loaded with pork products- which she did he whole balefire deal on to some effect, causing wounds,setting one on fire. The gamble was that my Defiler would hang in to close combat with the Flyrant, which it did not and Charlotte was rectally violated by twin linked devourers on the next turn. A rather unexciting showing for her first time out.

The "Budgie- standing in for a Traitor Vendatta gunship(I NEEEEED to get 1-2 of those)- lazzzed the crap out of one of the Trygons, once again hitting like aces, but failing to wound enough to put it down. Boltgun fire from the tower almost killed the Trygon (again- hit like crazy, failed to wound). It was a scary experience, reminded me of why I don't play tournaments and also of what my armies lack -as in stuff I have yet to purchase.  Broodnest, who is a killer player and my painting protege', is going to help me figure out some units and such that will help me against a broader base of opponents, so I can go down to the shop and play. To be honest, I'm not familiar with the local "meta".. and I just build the units I like and think are cool most of the time, so we'll see how it goes.  The good news is, I'm actually playing the damned game.

Next time (tuesday) he's breaking out his newish Tau army. That should be new for both of us. 

In other news, I've started the first flight base. I have 3 and each one will be a vignette, likely with gretchin doing something goofy. In this one they will be selling beer. Think Lemonade stand.

Last but not least, tomorrow starts a new month. And I've come to a conclusion. I have an aweful lot of troops to paint. Granted, it would have been better to do in October- I could have called it Trooptober or something catchy like that, but instead I'm simply saying that I WILL NOT be painting anything for the next month that is not a TROOP choice. I'll still be working on Charlotte's wings, etc... but I need to build and - most importantly- PAINT- troop units. So expect to see Marines,cultists/guardsmen and some more Marines for the rest of the month. 

Cheers ya'll

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