Friday, November 29, 2013

Troop-Tastic # 4: Black Friday Edition

Few plans survive past the planning stage unmolested. And so went my painting plans for the holiday week, but I did get something done on the cultist/penal troops. The one thing I have failed miserably at- once again- is doing a "tabletop" paint scheme. Try as I might to do a nice, basic "good enough" scheme, I just have to piddle with detailing. maybe I'll be able to pull off this "tabletop" thing with my eventual Tyranid army. Something tells me.... probably not.

Here's the first bunch. The top group you've seen before, Most of the new work has been on their masks and guns. Still not done, but probably a little stipple with some metallic and that should be it.

The guys on the bottom were mostly done save the work to bring their guns in line with everyone else. The big thing with these three is their shoulderplates. Unlike most of the cultist models, these guys have shoulder plates that have a rim, not unlike that of the space marines. This allowed me to nail down the color scheme the Templars of DOOooom will use. It was easy and painterly, so it will help me when I start work on the first of the 40+ Templars I have to paint within the next week or so.

Next up we have the leader and the heavy stubber, still in the works. A stipple of metal on the gun, flesh painting and such. Pretty happy with the leader's armored shoulder and arm plates. I'm REALLY happy with the way the rusty brown and the dark green play together. the Templars of DOOooom should look pretty friggin cool.

Then the rest. They have their basic washes. Still much more to do, but they aren't too far behind the rest. It won't be long before this bunch is done which will make a nice core group of 20 that I can use as cultists or as 2 squads of penal troops when I use my Traitor Guard.

Last, but not least, one of the biggest reasons these guys aren't basically done.... the newest member of Da Rednekk Clan. Lucy.

At her feet the shattered body of Harvey, the road killed Squirrel. Yes, she has a donut around her neck. This young lady lost her original owner and the family was going to put her down, mostly because they just didn't want her. The wife took her after seeing her picture. She has some allergies we are dealing with, but for a 4 year old dog she has absolutely NO bad habits and is generally wonderful and happy.... except for her itchies, which we'll get rid of with time. But, she's required a lot of my time since she's getting used to her new home. The cats aren't entirely pleased, but its gotten to "you stay there, I'll stay here and it'll be OK" so things are progressing. I did sneak out and do some fly fishing too, when I could have been painting. As long as I don't start tieing flies again... this blog is safe. Luckily (or regrettably, depending on how you look at it) there is no (stream)trout fishing to be done in Florida. Boy, I miss that.

Hopefully, the cultists will be mostly done in the next post. Definitely will concentrate on the fleshy areas next.  Check back in a couple days.

Cheer's ya'll!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Troop-tastic # 3:Cracklin' Mud

Like all good Games Workshop addicts I just HAVE to try out new products when they hit. The new technical mediums are no exception. While I don't have them all... yet.... I did get the two that thrilled me the most (How I didn't pick up Blood for the Blood God, I just don't know- something tells me it could happen before weeks end, though)  The Agrellan Earth medium, which -from what I can tell- is basically the crackling medium crafty folks used mixed with a lovely mud colored paint, definitely caught my eye to help with the "Badlands" look I'd been wanting for my bases.  My own nerdy,fluffy backstory for my armies is the battle over the wartorn Shrineworlds of Crixus (basically Crixus Prime, its moons and Secondus- think a slightly dryer version of Earth and a habitable Mars)

At any rate, after two applications of said medium. ( Don't be stingy, but not insanely thick)- I let them dry over night and here's what three of the bases look like, without any further drybrushing or washes....

Its a nice effect. I read that some of the product shipped in the UK didn't work as advertised and I'm thinking maybe I could use a bit more "bang".. so the boys thought I should add a little something from the local craft store.

We'll see how it goes with the bases on the rest now that I have a game plan. Speaking of the rest of the lads, the second acquisition Ryza Rust Dry medium was put to use on some of their rusty kit.  Its not like the other dry compounds. I'm not sure if this is the new direction the Dry compounds are taking or if its differnt all together. I'm hoping its a new direction (it smells different).. its great for dry brushing.... as it should be... but isn't as rubbery as the original run, which  I've had dry out on me. More than once.  Good stuff. Especially for that final rusty highlight.... more on that in another post.

But all the cultists are being painted..... in a new spot.  A couple weeks ago, we had a new addition to the family. A new dog. Our previous dog had passed away last year around Christmas and we had planned on getting a new one after this coming New Year...but, if you are married (or even have a long time girlfriend) you know those kind of plans are always subject to change. Because no matter what you think... you are not in charge.  Anyways, we have a 60 pound, 4 year old Pointer-mix who thinks she is a 4 month old 6 pound Pointer -mix and hates to be left alone. SO.... I can't go into my art/hobby room for hours on end during the day without a whining dog outside the door... and I can't let her in without something being eaten off the floor. So I have a (hopefully temporary) painting set-up in the great room for the up coming holiday when I'll be home with the critters.

And as a parting shot.... here's Ms. Charlotte on her flight stand. Its all a mock up, nothing is glued, but you can get an idea of scale and such. 

Detailed pictures of the cultists and such on the next post in a couple days.

Cheers ya'll!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Troop-tastic Part # 2: 4 cultists

Breaking down the cultists into manageable groups, I started with 4 in the same pose. Most of these guys are getting a similar treatment, but these 4 had the duster coats, so I figured they'd show the drybrushing pretty well. Here's the boys with a basic prime of British Armor Brown and P3 Hammerfall Khaki

Next came the pre-wash drybrushing. This would be an easy way to do these guys for tabletop quality, though I'm going to go a bit above that. But you can see how easy it is to get some really great looking effects. I drybrushed the pants with GW Ogryn Camo green. The rest of the model was drybrushed with GW Underhive Ash (Dry Compound) and a slightly lighter version of GW Bleached Bone (basically Bleached Bone and White). I stippled the bottoms of the coats a bit to weather them as well.

Then to the washes. The first wash was an overall wash with Army Painter Quickshade:Strong Tone. Once that dried, I hit the pants with Althonian Camoshade, two coats. Then one more thinner wash of the Quickshade on the hoods and other khaki areas to deepen the recesses and weather them a bit.  After all that dried, I painted the guns and straps with black, did a quick Boltgun Metal drybrush on them and dulled them with the Quickshade as well. The final step was some drybrushing with the Bleached Bone to bring out the highlights. Here's a couple shots of the results at that point sans detailing. The lighting was a bit different in each shot in an attempt to show off the washes, though I'm not sure either does them justice. Maybe the photos of the boys after the fiddly details are done will.

I've also played with the new GW crackling paint on some bases. It definitely seems to work better if it has something to hold on to. Looks like after a couple fairly thick applications I may get the desired effects. Hopefully, there will be something worth taking a photo of on that front for the next post as well as these 4 nuckleheads completed.  Next post after the weekend.... because I have to work 

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Troop-tastic Part #1: The Beginning.

I've decided to extend my "troops only" painting gig through the rest of the year. Partly because I have lots of troops that need painting and partly because one of my jobs involves retail and the holidays are just suck-tastic if you work retail, so my hobby time may be sporadic, which is good for these kinds of painting projects as opposed to the bigger sculpting, high end painting things.

SO... these folks will be my first victims. A squad of 10 Chaos Space marines and 20 cultists/penal troops. These guys get used in just about every game I play, so its only fitting they get painted first. 6 of the cultists are done and the CSM champion is going to get abit of a repaint. There will be some more "before" pictures, but here's a group shot.
I aquired some Agrellan Earth technical medium, which looks to be basically paint with crackle medium in it and have applied it to parts of the bases on the 6 cultists that are done. My bases are a mix of crumbled stone and sand, so I'm thinking of some cracked earth in the flat parts along with dead grass may give that Badlands look I've been going for. We'll see if it works as advertised. Also picked up some Ryza Rust for highlighting the rust on the Templars once I get he greens down. I'll also be debuting the Templar of DOOooom Cross. Hope to update Wednesday night or Thursday. So keep a weather eye.

Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stealth Scouts and Rusty Cleavers

I, like many long time hobbyists, have a collections of marines in various states of construction. In my case, I have a case full of guys that spent time in the paint stripper and are in pieces. Among these guys were some scouts I had basically forgotten about. These guys were so good, they had been hiding in plain sight.  Originally, I had built them quickly (which I hate-Hate-HATE to do) for a game quite a while back and gave them a quick(bad) prime. I spent some time scraping off the mold lines, drilling out gun barrels and doing some clean up. I then converted one of the bolters into a combi-weapon for the Sergeant and BAM! I have a new scout team. 

They might get a bit of a priming touch up (well, the missile launcher guy definitely will), but then its on to paint. Full camo for these guys. Toying with the idea of doing some camo- leaves and what not. It could happen. Hrmmmmmm.......

After looking at the new codex, I needed a 'champion' and a 'musician', so I did a quick conversion on a couple guys. 
I liked the texture on the cleaver so much that I put it on all of the blades in the unit. It should paint up nice. Hope to finish these guys up this weekend, if I don't get distracted by the scouts. That's it for now.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Something Icky this way comes....

The first entry for my month of troops are these lovely fellows who have been sitting around my hobby room, primed in British Armor Brown for some time now.

They were given a healthy wash of The Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone. I love these inks, just great stuff. If you haven't had the chance to try them out, do it. Worth every penny. Now that my shadows and basic colors were laid in, I attacked these guys with a larger drybrush and some of GW's dry compound. I like this stuff, but my first batch dries up on me. So I bought 1 bottle, instead of the "Oooo that color looks nice too, I'll pick up that one and that one and that one"- which is my usual way of buying paint. Regrettably. I figured if I have a color I'll actually use a LOT of in a short period of time it would be worth buying again. So, I bought a bottle of Underhive Ash- which is sufficiently Nurgly- and hit these guys with it.

They looked pretty good at that point... but, I had to hit them with "old reliable" Athonian Camoshade, because.... well, I use it on everything. Like peanut butter.  All that's left now is some high lighting and detailing of guts and such. That's for next time.

I slapped something Slaaneshi together too. (Hrrmmmm....that doesn't sound right) Meet Master Blaster Blastmaster. He runs Bartertown. And looks FAaaaabulous doing it. ;)

That's all for now. I'm hoping the coming week won't have thing like the flu and a new dog the size of a pony to get in the way of me posting more frequently.

Cheers Ya'll!