Sunday, November 24, 2013

Troop-tastic # 3:Cracklin' Mud

Like all good Games Workshop addicts I just HAVE to try out new products when they hit. The new technical mediums are no exception. While I don't have them all... yet.... I did get the two that thrilled me the most (How I didn't pick up Blood for the Blood God, I just don't know- something tells me it could happen before weeks end, though)  The Agrellan Earth medium, which -from what I can tell- is basically the crackling medium crafty folks used mixed with a lovely mud colored paint, definitely caught my eye to help with the "Badlands" look I'd been wanting for my bases.  My own nerdy,fluffy backstory for my armies is the battle over the wartorn Shrineworlds of Crixus (basically Crixus Prime, its moons and Secondus- think a slightly dryer version of Earth and a habitable Mars)

At any rate, after two applications of said medium. ( Don't be stingy, but not insanely thick)- I let them dry over night and here's what three of the bases look like, without any further drybrushing or washes....

Its a nice effect. I read that some of the product shipped in the UK didn't work as advertised and I'm thinking maybe I could use a bit more "bang".. so the boys thought I should add a little something from the local craft store.

We'll see how it goes with the bases on the rest now that I have a game plan. Speaking of the rest of the lads, the second acquisition Ryza Rust Dry medium was put to use on some of their rusty kit.  Its not like the other dry compounds. I'm not sure if this is the new direction the Dry compounds are taking or if its differnt all together. I'm hoping its a new direction (it smells different).. its great for dry brushing.... as it should be... but isn't as rubbery as the original run, which  I've had dry out on me. More than once.  Good stuff. Especially for that final rusty highlight.... more on that in another post.

But all the cultists are being painted..... in a new spot.  A couple weeks ago, we had a new addition to the family. A new dog. Our previous dog had passed away last year around Christmas and we had planned on getting a new one after this coming New Year...but, if you are married (or even have a long time girlfriend) you know those kind of plans are always subject to change. Because no matter what you think... you are not in charge.  Anyways, we have a 60 pound, 4 year old Pointer-mix who thinks she is a 4 month old 6 pound Pointer -mix and hates to be left alone. SO.... I can't go into my art/hobby room for hours on end during the day without a whining dog outside the door... and I can't let her in without something being eaten off the floor. So I have a (hopefully temporary) painting set-up in the great room for the up coming holiday when I'll be home with the critters.

And as a parting shot.... here's Ms. Charlotte on her flight stand. Its all a mock up, nothing is glued, but you can get an idea of scale and such. 

Detailed pictures of the cultists and such on the next post in a couple days.

Cheers ya'll!

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