Friday, November 29, 2013

Troop-Tastic # 4: Black Friday Edition

Few plans survive past the planning stage unmolested. And so went my painting plans for the holiday week, but I did get something done on the cultist/penal troops. The one thing I have failed miserably at- once again- is doing a "tabletop" paint scheme. Try as I might to do a nice, basic "good enough" scheme, I just have to piddle with detailing. maybe I'll be able to pull off this "tabletop" thing with my eventual Tyranid army. Something tells me.... probably not.

Here's the first bunch. The top group you've seen before, Most of the new work has been on their masks and guns. Still not done, but probably a little stipple with some metallic and that should be it.

The guys on the bottom were mostly done save the work to bring their guns in line with everyone else. The big thing with these three is their shoulderplates. Unlike most of the cultist models, these guys have shoulder plates that have a rim, not unlike that of the space marines. This allowed me to nail down the color scheme the Templars of DOOooom will use. It was easy and painterly, so it will help me when I start work on the first of the 40+ Templars I have to paint within the next week or so.

Next up we have the leader and the heavy stubber, still in the works. A stipple of metal on the gun, flesh painting and such. Pretty happy with the leader's armored shoulder and arm plates. I'm REALLY happy with the way the rusty brown and the dark green play together. the Templars of DOOooom should look pretty friggin cool.

Then the rest. They have their basic washes. Still much more to do, but they aren't too far behind the rest. It won't be long before this bunch is done which will make a nice core group of 20 that I can use as cultists or as 2 squads of penal troops when I use my Traitor Guard.

Last, but not least, one of the biggest reasons these guys aren't basically done.... the newest member of Da Rednekk Clan. Lucy.

At her feet the shattered body of Harvey, the road killed Squirrel. Yes, she has a donut around her neck. This young lady lost her original owner and the family was going to put her down, mostly because they just didn't want her. The wife took her after seeing her picture. She has some allergies we are dealing with, but for a 4 year old dog she has absolutely NO bad habits and is generally wonderful and happy.... except for her itchies, which we'll get rid of with time. But, she's required a lot of my time since she's getting used to her new home. The cats aren't entirely pleased, but its gotten to "you stay there, I'll stay here and it'll be OK" so things are progressing. I did sneak out and do some fly fishing too, when I could have been painting. As long as I don't start tieing flies again... this blog is safe. Luckily (or regrettably, depending on how you look at it) there is no (stream)trout fishing to be done in Florida. Boy, I miss that.

Hopefully, the cultists will be mostly done in the next post. Definitely will concentrate on the fleshy areas next.  Check back in a couple days.

Cheer's ya'll!

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