Monday, November 18, 2013

Troop-tastic Part #1: The Beginning.

I've decided to extend my "troops only" painting gig through the rest of the year. Partly because I have lots of troops that need painting and partly because one of my jobs involves retail and the holidays are just suck-tastic if you work retail, so my hobby time may be sporadic, which is good for these kinds of painting projects as opposed to the bigger sculpting, high end painting things.

SO... these folks will be my first victims. A squad of 10 Chaos Space marines and 20 cultists/penal troops. These guys get used in just about every game I play, so its only fitting they get painted first. 6 of the cultists are done and the CSM champion is going to get abit of a repaint. There will be some more "before" pictures, but here's a group shot.
I aquired some Agrellan Earth technical medium, which looks to be basically paint with crackle medium in it and have applied it to parts of the bases on the 6 cultists that are done. My bases are a mix of crumbled stone and sand, so I'm thinking of some cracked earth in the flat parts along with dead grass may give that Badlands look I've been going for. We'll see if it works as advertised. Also picked up some Ryza Rust for highlighting the rust on the Templars once I get he greens down. I'll also be debuting the Templar of DOOooom Cross. Hope to update Wednesday night or Thursday. So keep a weather eye.

Cheers ya'll!

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  1. Nice, I was just looking at those new paints.