Friday, November 22, 2013

Troop-tastic Part # 2: 4 cultists

Breaking down the cultists into manageable groups, I started with 4 in the same pose. Most of these guys are getting a similar treatment, but these 4 had the duster coats, so I figured they'd show the drybrushing pretty well. Here's the boys with a basic prime of British Armor Brown and P3 Hammerfall Khaki

Next came the pre-wash drybrushing. This would be an easy way to do these guys for tabletop quality, though I'm going to go a bit above that. But you can see how easy it is to get some really great looking effects. I drybrushed the pants with GW Ogryn Camo green. The rest of the model was drybrushed with GW Underhive Ash (Dry Compound) and a slightly lighter version of GW Bleached Bone (basically Bleached Bone and White). I stippled the bottoms of the coats a bit to weather them as well.

Then to the washes. The first wash was an overall wash with Army Painter Quickshade:Strong Tone. Once that dried, I hit the pants with Althonian Camoshade, two coats. Then one more thinner wash of the Quickshade on the hoods and other khaki areas to deepen the recesses and weather them a bit.  After all that dried, I painted the guns and straps with black, did a quick Boltgun Metal drybrush on them and dulled them with the Quickshade as well. The final step was some drybrushing with the Bleached Bone to bring out the highlights. Here's a couple shots of the results at that point sans detailing. The lighting was a bit different in each shot in an attempt to show off the washes, though I'm not sure either does them justice. Maybe the photos of the boys after the fiddly details are done will.

I've also played with the new GW crackling paint on some bases. It definitely seems to work better if it has something to hold on to. Looks like after a couple fairly thick applications I may get the desired effects. Hopefully, there will be something worth taking a photo of on that front for the next post as well as these 4 nuckleheads completed.  Next post after the weekend.... because I have to work 

Cheers Ya'll!

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  1. Pity about having to work; but it does pay for more lil'men and paint.

    I think the cultists look great !