Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Paint Station

The one hobby related gift I did get for Christmas was from the folks at Hobbyzone in Poland. A nice little portable PAINT STATION so I can paint in the living room from time to time and also move painting projects out of the way for construction projects on my hobby desk.  I got the cheaper one. The shipping was nearly as much as the paint station, but after putting it together I'm very pleased with the purchase.

It took about 3 1/2 weeks to get to Florida from Poland at Christmas time, but that was no big shock.  Well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Then I opened it up...

All the parts. No instructions. But... no worries. Its pretty intuitive. I did a dry fit run and then broke out the glue and some blue painter's tape to put pressure on the corners. BAM!  Nice convenient, paint station.

Here it is  completed with some paint pots and the in-progress marines. The only "complaints" I have are minor. Really minor. My water cups are all too big for the water cup holes. I intend to use the brush holes for brushes, but I'm thinking I'll rig up one of the water cup holes to hold a bunch of brushes, since I tend to use a lot of different ones or at least like to have them on hand. Other wise, I love it.

Now that the insanity of the holiday season is over, I can get back to painting and finish up some of the projects that are underway... like Ms Charlotte.  Not to mention the impending Tyranid release, which promises to eat up pretty much any and all of my hobby $$ in the near future. :) Back to the weekly or bi-weekly posts.

Cheers Ya'll  and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trooptastic # 6: Rusty Templars.... of DOOooom!

The repaint/overhaul of the first squad of Marines is well underway. The rusty parts are done. I've simplified my rust formula down a little bit thanks to the new formula dry medium Ryza Rust. Every thing starts with my "standard" black-brown base (which, if you haven't seen before is basically 50/50 Scorched Brown/Chaos Black - slightly thinned with acrylic matte medium over a grey primer) Then its these 3 colors....

Stipple on one color after another, catching edges where it looks right. I may go in with a little ink here and there to get some details, but that's basically it for "tabletop". And I'm pretty happy with the results.Plus, its easy and fast.

Next, its on to the green parts and then the details. More to come. I may or may not be able to get in a post before Christmas because of a seriously crazy schedule. If I don't, to all of you who visit the Mekkshop I just want to say thanks for checking in to my little corner of the interwebs, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah (belated), Happy Boxing Day, Happy Kwanza and any other holiday I may have forgotten. If you happen to be imbibing, have one for me... I'll probably be working.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Something completely different....

This space is first and foremost a hobby blog but I have to explain something that may shock some of you..... I really LOVE Tyranids. I have since they came out. I've bought and sold 4 tyranid armies, not to mention a MASSIVE Epic 40k army.... and I will have another. Sooner than later.

Rumors abound as to when the new book and model reboot will hit and its looking like January... this little bit is via natfka and is a rumor... but still....

"New Releases January 11th
Codex Tyranids:  $49.5 £30 
Tyranid Psychic Cards $6 £3.5
 Tyranid Harpy/ Hive Crone $80 £48 
Tyranid Haruspex/ Exocrine $73 £44
 Tyranid Warriors (3 models) $51 £31 
Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 models) $70 £42.5 
Carnifex Brood (2 models) $90 £55
 Tyranid Swarm (95 models) $170 £105

(Images are other people's models, not mine- found via Google for illustrative purposes)
In case some of you are wondering, here's what the old Armorcast Exocrine looked like...

And here's the old Armorcast Haruspex......

A "Transport" critter would be nice... like the old Malefactor....
... but that's probably wishful thinking. Though a LOT of stuff from the old EPIC armies are showing their heads these days.  Plus  there's a great big flying critter.... I'm going to have to start a savings account for my new Hive Fleet.  

COOOooooooooool stuff coming!

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Troop-tastic # 5: The Rusty Blade

The Cultists (and sometimes Traitor Guard Penal Troops) are DONE.  May I present to you, the Brotherhood of the Rusty Blade. Their intrepid leader, Bumpo Sludge is a former hab-trailer park handi-man...er,  maintenance engineer, now aspiring wanna-be champion of Nurgle.

And the rest of the lads.

....with Big Carl on the Heavy Stubber.

Now on to the marines. December is hell month in the retail world (where I am a slave), so my posts may be more sparse than I'd like, but I will do my best to at least be weekly.

Cheers Ya'll!