Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Paint Station

The one hobby related gift I did get for Christmas was from the folks at Hobbyzone in Poland. A nice little portable PAINT STATION so I can paint in the living room from time to time and also move painting projects out of the way for construction projects on my hobby desk.  I got the cheaper one. The shipping was nearly as much as the paint station, but after putting it together I'm very pleased with the purchase.

It took about 3 1/2 weeks to get to Florida from Poland at Christmas time, but that was no big shock.  Well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Then I opened it up...

All the parts. No instructions. But... no worries. Its pretty intuitive. I did a dry fit run and then broke out the glue and some blue painter's tape to put pressure on the corners. BAM!  Nice convenient, paint station.

Here it is  completed with some paint pots and the in-progress marines. The only "complaints" I have are minor. Really minor. My water cups are all too big for the water cup holes. I intend to use the brush holes for brushes, but I'm thinking I'll rig up one of the water cup holes to hold a bunch of brushes, since I tend to use a lot of different ones or at least like to have them on hand. Other wise, I love it.

Now that the insanity of the holiday season is over, I can get back to painting and finish up some of the projects that are underway... like Ms Charlotte.  Not to mention the impending Tyranid release, which promises to eat up pretty much any and all of my hobby $$ in the near future. :) Back to the weekly or bi-weekly posts.

Cheers Ya'll  and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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