Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Drooling Lip and Blood Bath of Many Colors.

First, the drooling lip.....

Yup. I have finished THAT Rhett Bastid's face. He's Done,done,done. It looks a bit grosser up close, but this seemed to be the best shot I could get of the glossy black-purple ooze. Nice and shiny. Yuck.

Another shot of my army's new leader (soon to star in his own comic, but shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone...especially him, he's got such an ego already)

I like this angle because you get a sense of his rattiness along with the full-on nasty Nurgly paunch and all. Now, I have about a hundred friggin rat-zombies to work on. Eeeeek!

(This might be a bit of a rant... but bear with me, it has something to do with the models below)
During my forced time off, I've spent a bit too much time on gaming forums and playing PC games.
Come to find out, after all of my time and considerable effort I've been painting all wrong! Not to mention, that painting Nurgle is EASY!! I guess all you really need to do is just slap some washes on until things look like mud and you are done!  It didn't matter if I tried to argue the point, I was wrong. (honestly, I don't think they even bothered to check out the link to my blog, but I did pick up two more followers during this online harang, so something good came out of it. Damn it.... I've wasted so much time.

Seriously, as much as I love some of the online community - THE Bolter & Chainsword, Da WAaagh! at the top of the list along with any of the blogs on the sidebar - the rest can become alot like reading the comments under news articles. I really know I shouldn't, if I want to keep any hope I have left for humanity being smarter than a turd sniffing monkey (which is a GRRRrrreat name for a Space Marine Chapter) Along with some recent conversations I had on facebook after getting out of hospital with one of my art professors and a few fellow artists from college days, I'm here to tell you the ONE paramount truth about painting. It doesn't matter how or by what means, its all about getting the paint on the canvas (or in this case the miniature) You can use a toothpick, an airbrush, a slingshot with a hollowed out egg (Yeah, we did that one in college) or an elephants ass (though that could be tough on miniatures).... do it your way. Don't listen to these people. Don't listen to me. well...er, except now... but, dammit you know what I mean. BE YOURSELF. There is no right or wrong way. Granted, there are ways that will look like shit, but if you don't push yourself, experiment, fail miserably many,many times, you'll never,ever,ever, get better.

And under that soapbox? Ick!  Deamons!

I got so pissed off, that besides swearing to not visit a couple websites ever again and to not click on comment on a couple others, I decided to take my own advice and break out of the box a bit. Especially since I was told you can't paint with washes only slather them on, by one "genius"  FIRST...we have Plaguie #1.

 #1: has a base coat of spray GW Bleached Bone, a uniform overall wash of good ol' Athonian Camoshade and that's about it. We'll call that the "Patient Zero Base" Its the base coat the whole unit has. Originally, I figured- like most units- I'd paint them the same to give them cohesion. Now I've decided to paint them pretty much all different with some similarities.

#2: With the Patient Zero Base, he got an overall drybrushing of GW Rakarth Flesh. Then I screwed up a bit...at least from what I wanted. I highlighted some areas with GW Tausept Ochre, Then started stippling in with an OLD GW Flesh Wash.  Old as in, I'm fairly sure the stuff has fermented OLD.  I have inks from the first run that are still good (though they smell funky) but this one is from the second phase of GW paints and it was NAAaaaasty.  It got very chestnutty when it dried.I dropped some of my Bone Mix (50/50 brown/black wash) in the recesses. He's a little lighter than he looks in the photo, but that will definitely be an undercoat to work from. Yikes.

#3: Starting with Patient Zero,  he got a light drybrushing of GW Rakarth Flesh and than some highlights with  Rakarth/Elf Flesh (50/50) Then an overall of GW Druchii Violet , which I usually use as a shader. Its really a gross, neat skin tone.

#4: After doing the last one, I had to see what Patient Zero would look like with just GW Druchii Purple. SO, a basic wash and some stippling in the shadows.  Its really a nice base.  This also got me to think about other washes.

#5: His Patient Zero got a full shot of GW Asurmen Blue.  He looks a bit like a swamp craeture but, I can do something with that. And finally...

#6: I took the GW Carroburg Crimson to this guys Patient Zero scheme and the results were really interesting. The base greenish tan with red, you will end up with some sort of brown looking thin, no doubt.... but this one was suitably cool. AND THEN... you hit some areas with Asurman Blue... and you have some great looking spots for future bruised skin or internal bleeding,etc.  Making things look kinda gross isn't hard, but making them look convincingly gross...well, that takes some trickery.

Hell week for me is coming up (Job #2 is retail.....at Christmas....it sucks) but I should get another in before Santa comes calling. I swear, I'ma gonna git me a reindeer fer sure dis year <clik-ak!> Until then... Cheers, Ya'll!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Brief Video Interlude For All the Mad Meks Out There...

If you are an Orky Mek at heart, a kitbasher or just fan of the old "Mad Max" movies, this might grab your attention....

Its been kicking around a while, but that's what Orky .....or CHAOS buggies aught to look like. ;)

As for me, I'll break one of blogging's primary rules and apologize for my absence. First it was Thanksgiving Holiday, than an unwanted "holiday" in hospital. But I'm out and healing and should have some Warhammer modelling goodness up in the next few days (likely Sun-Mon timeframe) as I still have a painting challenge to finish. Until then...Cheers ya'll!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yep....I'm a bum.

It's been a while since I made a post. Lots of repairs going on at Casa D'Rednekk. Between that and the only chance I get at any holiday time with the family, painting has had to take a back seat.  But, fear not, loyal readers. I've got some base colors on two vehicle and another wash or two on those ugly plaguebearers. With the shear hell that is working retail (especially as a supervisor) around Christmas, I will definitely be getting some painting done to decompress. But for the meantime.. as my mates would say across the pond.... I'm on Holiday (Thanksgiva-Christmas).  So, I'll leave you with this.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Yanks out there! 

Look for a post around December 1.
Cheers Yall!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid! ...and Friends.

Here he is... in all his puss ridden glory, THAT Rhett Bastid!

A close up of the Destroyer Hive.....

And a collage of some detail areas.....

Moving right along on the Call to Chaos challenge...  the Plaguebearers are underway..

That's all for now, lots to paint.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid! What a Bastid.

Just a quick progress report on THAT Rhett Bastid! He's proving to be quite the bastid.... or its a bastid trying to get him to look the way I want him to. Not sure which. LOTS of time with the reading glasses, 10/0 brushes and wash after wash later, here's what I have at the moment.

Work has begun on the Destroyer Hive. I also decided to dull down the scythe to get more of a rotten/poison look. Just base colors on Elvis at this point, he'll be last.  Rhett is about 80% done. The armor is mostly done. I have to fix his big eye a bit, but after that its details - skulls, blight head, piddly bits on the base, etc.  Then onto Elvis.

A detail shot.  I'm not happy with the eye shape, so I'll fix it to give it a more comic/diabolical look....rather than the far too friggin round look it has now. I'll probably add a little "eye glow" since he's in mid-spell/controlling his not-so-dead minions. Armor needs to be chipped and made a bit more filthy,etc as well.  The only problem with him being part of the painting challenge on Bolter & Chainsword is I'm spending all my time on him. So, don't be suprised if you see dome plaguebearer mass production or two vehicles at a time painting in the next post. Yeah, I have until the Ides of January, but my second part-time gig is retailand Christmas will be in the midst of that, so December will suck. I really need to get a different gig, it just ruins holidays OR make more money at the home business. Hopefully, the latter will start happening in the coming months. :)  More soon.

Cheers ya'll!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid: Check The Gut!

I'll admit, I'm terrible at keeping track of how I got there. I was just "in the zone". Lots of the same color pallette from the last post. Gloss coats mixed with washes for the really gross parts. Here's what I have so far. The gut area is done, the rest...not so much.

 Here's a close-up of the gut area.

And a bit more sculpting progress on Ms. Charlottte's head.

That's all for now.  Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid! Painting Begins.

Phase 1 of the painting begins. I primed him with GW Bleached Bone Spray, than a wash of my Black- Brown mix (50/50  GW Chaos Black and Scorched Brown thinned slightly with water and Acrylic Matte medium). The skin and fleshy areas were drybrushed with GW Rakarth Flesh. Various washes of GW Druchii Purple and Althonian Camoshade in various mixtures.  I used Reaper Golden Flesh and Golden Highlight to pick out some details.  The same process was on the Nurgling, but then he was washed with GW Waywatcher Green. Also used some GW Elf Flesh on the Destroyer Hive.

Only the beginning, much more to come. Keep an eye open. 

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid! He'd DONE!!! Well, sorta..

The sculpting, construction and general foolishness are DOOOooooooone! And the painting is next.

AND one more all around shot.

He's the most extensive conversion I've done to date, with the exception of Ms. Charlotte, whose really a monster- so she doesn't count, and I dare say I'm pretty proud of him. I'm actually excited to get painting on him.  I'm entering into the Call Of Chaos over at Bolter & Chainsword, so Rhett Bastid will be one of several models I'll be trying to finish painting before the Ides of January.

 Of course, those evil buggers at Games Workshop are about to release a whole bunch of Nurgly Goodness, which I'm sure will find its way to my hobby table....sooner than later.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From the Workbench: THAT Rhett Bastid!!

This guy may be the most extensive green stuff conversion I've done.  The last two things that he needed were an arm and feet. First, the arm...

I used a zombie arm as an ARM-ature <insert rimshot and cymbal crash here>  Basically, I just pinned it in and then the sculpting began. Here's the final results.....

Its still amazing to me, being an old fart, what you can find on Google Images. When I was in college, you'd have to go to bookstores and several libraries to find good photo references, now you can type in something like "fat arms" into Google images and "POOF!" things you probably don't need to see.  But wait!... He still needs feet!  Before the arm sculpts began, Rhett had a tender moment with his scythe, Elvis.

For feet, I went with hooves. And.... well, that means the sculpting on Rhett (save his base) is finally...FINALLY... done.

There's likely to be a nurgling (or two) on the base... depending on how busy they make it. Otherwise I'll just smooth out the rock he's standing on and put some more dead things and a rat or two on there.  I plan on entering a painting challenge over at Bolter & Chainsword and he'll be one of the minis I try to get painted during the time allotted. 

OH! Speaking of rats!  Somebody Has to be named Willard. If you don't get the reference, check this out....

That's it for now,folks. I'm going to endeavor to finish up Ms.Charlotte soon and I have to work on some Orks as well as my Nurgly stuff.  Much more to come.

Cheers y'all!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sculptin' and a'scupltin'.

First, an update on That Rhett Bastid!

The face is coming together nicely. Not quite done yet, but closer.  His butt, however is done.

And as long as i was working on faces, it was time to get to Ms. Charlotte's.  I wanted to bring in more of the  deamon engine / creepy cyborg into the model since I opted for fleshy wings. This is the beginning of a beaten metal head section with all sorts of tubes an wires and such. Not to mention, two big lense like eyes.

I had some folks on one of the forums ask about what tools I use for sculpting, so here's a little rundown of how I do things. Its not the "right" way or the "best" way, no doubt... but its just the way I've come to sculpting over about a decade of trial and error, watching more than a few videos on Youtube and ... most importantly... hours and hours of screwing up.

#1:Tentacle Makers - the most recent addition to my sculpting kit. Tentacle makers from Green Stuff Industries . These tools, which I'm still figuring out the nuances to, take your fabricating abilities to a whole new level. They also have basic sculpting tools and alot more. Customer service wise, they were a joy to work with (since I had an issue with paypal) Worth every single penny. Basically, to use them you dab the surface with water, put a green stuff coil down and rub the top piece across the base.  Varying the pressure and angle or taking out a coil and rolling it, there are many,many effects you can achieve with these things.

#2: Green stuff.  Hard to do any green stuff sculpting without it. I always try to match the blue and yellow in equal amounts. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit basic... but you can tweek it one way or the other to get a different feel. More blue, hardens a bit quicker, more yellow is stickier takes a bit longer to dry.  Working with wet/ moist fingers (some folks use gloves- I tried it, didn't like the fact that I couldn't feel the green stuff to sense if it was starting to get tacky- its a personal preference) and tools is a must as much as possible. Supposedly, the stuff is non toxic. I wouldn't recommend chewing it to mix it or keep it wet in between sculpts though. I make tentacles,power cables and just roll up coils with my left over green stuff or if I mix too much and its starting to harden and keep them. Little round balls of various sizes can be handy too.

#3: A piece of Acrylic. In this particular case, its half of a $.99 magnetic frame from a local craft store.  Dab water on this with your fingers and set your Green Stuff on it while you are sculpting for a no stick holding area. Also provides a nice wet, no stick surface to roll coils on or do any flat sculpting you might need. If you have two pieces you can use them to roll coils without fear of fingerprints.

#4: Toothpicks.  If you don't have a tool that will do what you want it to, make one. All you need is an Exacto knife and a bunch of toothpicks.  Dip them in water (or put them in your mouth... just before you get green stuff on them,though) and go to work.

#5: Tools, Metal tools. A good set of basic sculpting tools. One purchase, one time... and you are set.  You also see a couple syringes, which I use for making pock marks and other little circles.

#6: Water.

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll be getting a game in this week, which would be nice.

Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rats!!! And other gribblyness.

I built a Vindicator a few years back and tried a sand and glue technique for rusting effects. Since Daemonic Possession is something I'd likely use, I figure since my sculpting has improved quite a bit since I built this guy, I'd give him an upgrade to fit in with the asthetic of the rest of the army.

I'm loving my tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries . If you do any sculpting, its worth every penny.   I also did some work on "Typhus"  Since most of my zombies are going to be converted Skaven, I came up with this character, Rhett Bastid.  He's got an unhealthy relationship with rats. So much so that Grandaddy Nurgle decided to give him some "gifts" to make him a bit more like his disease carrying furry friends. There's still some more work to do, but this is Step 1 of his face, based on half of an old Warhammer fantasy Chaos Warrior mutant head.

And, of course, he'd need a tail......

I'm going to cover the base of the tail with cloth or skin or whatever that is around his waist.  Still more detail work to be done. I went to the store and got some of those 2.5x "reading" glasses for sculpting...we'll see how those help with the close up details, since my magnifying lamp and tools don't like to play well together.

That's all for now. Cheers ya'll!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ms. Charlotte's New Wings

Lots to get to!  First, there are new shoulder plates for the Khorne Dogs. Regrettably, my order came up a bit short and I have to order more to finish the unit, but most of them look something like this.

But mostly, I've been busy sculpting.  Here's what my Typhus stand-in is looking like so far.....

And now for the big suprise. I dusted off Ms. Charlotte ....and now she has wings.

After a long, long, long period of agonizing over what wings to put on her, I went with Hive Tyrant wings. It got a bit nasty from there once I got the green stuff out.... <evil grin>  

And my little screaming skeleton guy is still hooked up inside. :)

Hope you like it so far. Lots more to do.

Cheers Ya'll!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fly Guy and Fly Gal.

Looks like I'll actually get to play Warhammer 40k in the coming week. It'll be my first game of 7th Edition. After putting together several lists with the miniatures I have available (I can't actually get to my whole collection because the house is still not back together yet) I decided I'll be working on the boys in the list over the next few weeks to get some paint on them and finish them off. It'll be interesting to see if the losing streak continues for the Templars of DOOooom!

I ended up proxying a few minis here and there, so it has become clear I have a few holes to fill. One of them, a Sorceror(ess) with a jumppack (wings).  Here's what I have, so far...

Of course, no plague army would be complete without a Typhus stand-in. Here's the beginning of mine...

And a close-up on the sculpting so far....

Lots more work to do to make him gross and disgusting. 

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stormin' Boyz and Nasty Things.

The first five of Mista Ozprey's boyz are DONE! Looky here!

Eventually, I'll have to get at least 10 more. Of course, I've shot myself in the foot by painting them nicely. Its going to take a Looooooooong time to paint a hundred Orks like this is I don't temper myself to painting them simpler. Here's a close up on the last three I did....

The next batch is my plastic plaguebearers. I forget where I read on the interwebs of folks complaining about how these guys don't have as much character as the old ones. Honestly, I LOVE this kit. Maybe its just folks with no conversion skills (or desire to convert) but, there's so much that can be done. I was only tinking of a very small deamon contingent for my Chaos Army, but I may collect enough to have a playable deamon army. Nurgly, of course... maybe with some Khorne. Of course, I'd actually have to play the game. I tried to get in a game the last two weeks and the real world keeps throwing me curve balls. pesky real world, getting in the way of my hobby.

I figured I'd take the new batch a different direction than the old metal ones I painted. I primed them with GW Bleached Bone spray. Then, I washed them with Army Painter Quickshade: Strong Tone.  Once that was dry, I hit them with my trusty old GW Althonian Camoshade. (Steps 1-3, right to left)

Next, will be to work on the skin and details. But, that's for next time.

Cheers, Ya'll!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dropping in a quick one.

Any of you that have been reading for a while, know I did some consolidating a while back. I had 2 Drop pod kits in a bag. I decided to break them out and build them. A word to the wise... if you do that sort of thing, look at them before you bag them and throw the boxes away. Turns out one kit was missing the sprue for the bottom of the pod. I got an extra of the other sprue, so I bitz ordered the base and the engine and I built the other one.  Look...a drop pod!

I know, exciting. Its primed grey on the outside and bleached bone on the inside. See....

I left out the harnesses, etc. and filled in the holes for a nice flat pad for whoever or whatever might be in the pod for the game. The end result, once the painting is finished is a "generic" pod with minimal markings I can use for any marine army. Though I must admit, the temptation to do something like "Bob's Rent-A-Pod" was extreeeeeemely hard to resist.

Now for abit of history... of sorts. My first army, my favorite army... was Space Wolves. I've bought and sold 4 Space Wolf armies. And now, I'm starting another one ( because I'm slightly insane). Here's the beginning of one of my heroes.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stormboyz and Mold Assault!

Yes, I'm still alive! After a rather rude interruption by the real world, I'm back to hobby stuff. Lets get down to the good stuff.  I've got another one of the Stormboyz done.

Picture quality is a little muted, because my normal photo taking set up is...well, atop a big pile. More on that later. Overall, he's pretty cool. And here's the progress on his mates...

The big reason for such slow progress on something I should have been able to knock out in one good night of painting was the rather rude discovery of an invasion under my dining room/graphics office area in the house. Water and mold, not a good thing. So, now the area that had my scanner, graphics pc, office furniture and two huge book shelves looks kinda like this.....

That big blue air exchanger sounded like a jet engine. It was like living next to the flight deck for 2 days. And the place where I do my traditional artwork and models looks like this..... (There's my redneck miniature photo studio waaaaaaay back there where I can't get to it)....

Thankfully, things have gotten better. We now have a wall between our great room and garage (so I'm no longer cooling that as well as the house) and I cleared out a path to my model building desk and set up my old laptop so I can do this again and paint...ya know, so I don't kill people...er, I mean...to relax me.  OH....and I also got these handy dandy tentacle makers from Green Stuff Industries .....

which I can't wait to start playing with. Once I get the hang of it, I may have to finally finish Ms. Charlotte. So, I'm back in the saddle again, though some of my stuff may be buried and eventually I'll have to paint the house too.  Its good to be back either way. :)

Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Ork Edition.

Mista Ozprey needed his color scheme "modernized" to look good with his eventual hoard of Freebooter Stormboyz.  Basically, my formulas for rust and ork skin have changed in the years since I first painted him and the introduction of those glorious shades by GW have basically changed the way I paint.  So, without further ado.... the new and improved, Mista Ozprey. (the "before" is on the left - the "after" is on the right. )

And here's a shot with one of the boyz...

And now, something a bit different... a bit of an editorial.  The last week or so, Casa d Rednekk has been plagued with several computer issues - funky modems, pc power supplies dieing,etc.etc.  Being an old fart (i.e Child of the '70's) it got me to thinking how much we rely on computers. I know its no earth shattering thought, but its crazy how being without one...or without internet just impacts ones life these days. What scares me even more is what would happen if it all goes down? Yikes. So, I guess its kind of nice we all have a hobby where we still do something that doesn't require a computer and involves interacting with real people ....well, except when you are surfing blogs.

So, the next post should be the other 4 stormboyz finished. Then..... I think I'll dust off something scary.

Cheers, ya'll!