Monday, January 6, 2014

From the Paint Station: Templars of DOOooom!

The greens on the Templar squad have begun. Fittingly, I did the champion first.

I mixed GW Gretchin Green and GW Castellan Green in about a 50/50 mix, then added more Gretchin Green in downward strokes, with more and more highlights. Then, a wash of the ubiquitous Althonian Camoshade. I used some Druchii Purple  to deepen some of the recesses, but my own Dark Olive (brown/dark green/chesnut) mix of the older GW inks was a bit easier, for the 30 odd marines that remain.  Aside from spiffing up the base, he's ready for the tabletop. Here's a comparison with the "raw" Castellan Green  base on the other marines.

Next post should be the rest of the squad and the Templar of DOOooom Icons. After that, I hope to move on to getting the Sentinals finished as well as Ms Charlotte.  Also.... the Tyranids are coming!!!!

Cheers Ya'll!!