Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Carnifex Makeover #1: New Beginings

"Bob" and "Black Bob" were the scourge of the tabletop at one time. This was when the Carnifex was the biggest, baddest critter in the Tyranid arsenal. Compared to the huge plastic monsters of today...well, the old Carnifexes show their age. Time for a make over. Here are the boys in their pre-make over condition...

Here's a little comparison of the legs sizes... not entirely off on height. But, the critter definitely needs some bulking up.

The big thing is the body shape. Totally different. Luckily, I have spare carapaces from the "modern" carnifex. So, its greens stuff and some Orky engineering.....

Eventually, I'll sculpt it to look a bit more in-line with the look of the newer model, but here's what I have so far... with a size comparison to the newer fex.

That's it for now. Hopefully, the real world can stop interfering with my hobby time. The plan is to get back to regular Sunday/Monday posts. Also there will be comics and artwork coming to my OTHER BLOG .

Cheers ya'll!

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