Monday, February 24, 2014

From the Workbench: Rusty Blinky and Bug Shells.

Ms. Blinky is on the paint station and got the sloppy overall rust treatment. The same basic treatment as the standard troops... HERE .She will get some more snazzy washes and inking, not to mention the possibility of some weathering powders, just because she is a center piece. But, this gets the basic colors in....

So,  next for her is detailing.... which should take .....forever.

And I've been playing with my carnifex carapaces.  Tons of greenstuff to make it look 'solid'. Still, in progress, obviously.... but coming right along. I just got the bitz in the mail today that I've been waiting for to help with the "undercarriage" part of the body. Next update should give you a pretty good idea of the general look of the end result. Of course.... I'm making a lot of it up as I'm going along too. :)

And more work filling in the devourer arms. Except for detailing, they are close to done.

That's all for now. Should get another update up around Sunday/Monday, but maybe sooner if I can find more time to paint. There's lots of artwork and "real world" things on deck to keep my hobby time regrettably slim this week.

Cheer's Ya'll!