Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From the Workbench: The World's Heaviest Carnifexes

Building on the the old Carnifex is turning into something interesting. There is just no way to not make it weigh a ton. Slowly, but surely its turning into something that will look more in line with the "modern" Tyranid line... but still be unique.  With my typical Orky engineering skills, this is the way the carapace/body is taking shape. Keep in mind, there is still a ways to go....

Eventually, the whole carapace will be shell. The vision I have (sketches to come) is of a barnacle encrusted swamp monster of sorts. The Splinter fleet/army I have in mind is an hive once thought defeated that has lurked in the dark corners of a world and regained its strength. Also.. they are tasty, when boiled with cajun spices... but not everybody knows this.  Kind of a tyranid version of this guy.... but with bigger legs....

                           "Beware the Snappyfex! Nomnomnom!"

For one of the two, I have started a 'custom' set of  Devourer arms. Kind of helps with the crabby look and also gives him an extra set of walking limbs because he's a bit top heavy. I wish I'd had enough for both, but I thik the other may have a venom cannon...one of the few S-9 weapons in the Tyranid arsenal, short of engaging vehicles in close combat...which is always fun.

Just the start, still have to fill them in and make them a bit more weapon like, but you get the idea.

ALSO....Ms Charlotte got another pair of legs while I was waiting for greenstuff to dry. I'm endeavoring to get her finished up as this month, if possible.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have another post @ Sunday/Monday.

Cheers Ya'll!

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