Monday, February 17, 2014

Never look a gift horse in the..... hey! Something smells funny!

A friend told me his brother was getting rid of his Chaos army and I was welcome to it if I wanted it. Since I'm babysitting some kittens for him, its was sort of a thank you/down payment gesture or rather he just didn't have space for them since he's in the middle of a move. So, being a sucker for free minis (Mekk's rule #2: "Yous can nevva 'ave too many bitz!") I said "Sure, I'll take 'em off your hands"

                    How many of you store your minis like this?

Like I said, basically free. there's a ton of minis and vehicle (TWO land raiders).... they all smell like old cat pee and a moldy basement.... but they were free. He did warn me they were in rough shape, so I kind of expected some of it. Some.  The first step, sorting and getting rid of the case. Luckily, tonight is garbage night.

Most of the construction was pretty straight forward to downright sloppy, so I have a LOT of clean up work ahead. Doors are missing on the vehicles. I have a Defiler and ahalf...... which I'll likely cob one defiler together out of. But there are two plastic deamon princes (in pretty good shape), a Rhino hull, the afore mentioned Defiler and a half, 2 land raider hulls in various states of disrepair, a hellbrute (Stompy needed a brother) and an OLD metal Chaos Dread which is in good shape... that might be a kick to get straightened out..... that's the big stuff....

Then there's THIS MESS.......

After being stored in the case with the foam that had cat urine in it, plus whatever other "old basement" smell it has going on, the miniatures have a definite funk.  I actually wore rubber gloves to sort them.  There was a pretty complete Chaos Dark Vengence set, mostly unpainted, a bunch of Khorne deamons in varied states of repair but in general good order, though pretty much 'slapped together' as far as construction was concerned, Kharn, A terminator Lord, Typhus (because I need another one) and a hoard of marines, mostly Khorne berserkers.

This is minus the Dark Vengence set and Deamons. Khorne berserkers on the right, everyone else on the left. EVERYONE...even the unpainted plastic is getting the Krud Kutter bath. A few of the Deamons went in for a dip tonight. I'll have to go off to the home improvement store to grab a jug so I can bathe the rest bit by bit. Not sure how much of this will make it into my Templars of DOOooom Army, but it seems the Dogs of Khorne contingent will be getting a big boost, which they sorely need....because they tend to suck ass in battle.  They better hope I can get one of those Land Raiders in shape for them, because I have a whole line of impatient Orky Meks just drooling all over that box at the moment. Definitely a battlewagon for the Boss  in there.

A little more progress on the Carnifex carapace sculpts. More on that in the next post.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Heh, got the cat scratch fever? Wow, that may be the worst free story I have heard yet.

  2. Its not all bad. I figured I'd be dipping every one in the Krud Kutter anyways, because I knew the brother in questions painting ability/modelling skill. The vehicles will definitely need some rehab, but a bits order or two to get a Land Raider ain't all bad. The cat pee....well, that makes for a good story. ;) The case is off to the landfill and I bought a gallon of Krud Kutter today.