Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ms. Blinky: Rust and Greens

One of the many projects to finish is...of course, the glorious Ms. Blinky, has been at the front of the line. I've been working on her armored pieces and I'd say.... aside from detailing.... are done.  First, the side views.....

 The top and front view.....

Still some fine detailing to do- metal chipping, maybe a bit of weathering powder/alcohol washes (though I'm not sure on that). All the gross 'skin' parts have to be touched up/repainted to match the other skin in the army like Ahnek Draghuul.

The nice thing is she she should be finished in a week or so.  I also have more paint removing from the free/cat pee minis going on. The first group is almost done, no thanks to an ill timed bought of blessings from Grandfather Nurgle (or the latest tide of tourists bringing their germs to more like it, aside from Vladimir Putin, I can only think of two or three human beings alive I'd wish that stomach virus on. Just brutal) Next up is the Hellbrute, who I have special plans for and possibly one of the Land Raiders... which I want to do a series of "Pimp My Land Raider" posts.

And then there's my bugs and the looming Ork and Imperial Guard releases (yes.. I'm still going to call it that.... doesn't matter, my guys are traitors anyways. :) ) 

While I'm rambling, feel free to check out my bi-weekly fantasy comic "Templars of DOOooom" (huh... familiar name) at this SPOT on the interwebs. Next one comes along March 30. A few 4Ok comics will probably land here at this blog in the not too distant future. I'd would have loved to have done one full time, but since its not my IP its not profitable, just fun.... and I have to eat,pay bills...pesky things like that.

That's all for now,gang. More frequent posts coming. I promise.

Cheers, Ya'll!

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