Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mmmmmm Biscuits......

After a laundry list of technical (computer) problems and "the real world" getting in the way- none of which I will bore you with, I give you this comic...that I really wanted to post on Sunday- when it might have been just a little bit funnier.  I give you.... DA REDNEKK SKWADRON #1

Ms. Blinky in all her finished glory coming up in the next post. Keep a weather eye.

Cheers Y'all!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ms Blinky's Skin.

I've been working on Ms. Blinky's skin areas for a week or so now. I wish I could describe the process in more detail, but I'm lousy at keeping trap of what I do. I can tell you it starts with Dheneb Stone, some drybrushes of light fleshy colors and then washes upon washes: Druchii Purple,Althonian Camoshade, Waywatchers Green, Baal Red. A lot of mixes. Washes with paint. Washes with washes.  Experiment, is the best advice I can give... especially if you have a spare mini.  But here's my progress.
The basics...Dheneb Stone drybrushed with Rotting Skin with some washes of green and purple washes

And here's the end result. With some pinks and yellow pussy spot details.  Also the legs, which were based with a darker wash, then detailed with two fleshy colors, then a wash of Althonian Camoshade. The metal parts still need finishing.

Ive begun work on the mouth, but its far from done. I used some Blood of the Blood God medium as an experiment. Its totally movie blood. Way too damned bright. This may sound wierd, but.... I've seen an aweful lot of real blood in my life, this stuff definitely needs to be darkened -browned/purpled down. Especially for scale. Ms. Blinky has just hoarked up the bloody remains of some poor unfortunate, so the mouth/tentacles will be a good deal grosser before I'm done.

Lastly, another look at the back... which is pretty much done... unless I find something to pick at.

That's all for now. Hopefully, Ms. Blinky will be finished for the next post.

Cheers Ya'll!